Persuasive Essay on Bipolar Disorder

Free Persuasive Essay about Bipolar Disorder:

Bipolar disorder is the psychological disorder which is characterized with the manic and depressive and mixed conditions when the symptoms of mania and depression are changed rapidly or the symptoms of mania and depression occur simultaneously in different degrees. It is obvious that the stages of mania and depression do not exist all the time and there are “light” periods, episodes or phases of calmness and psychological health. These phases of health enable the patient’s psychics to restore and rebuild its appropriate functions and activity. The negative side of the bipolar disorder is the fact that the majority of the patients (more than 75%) suffer from other additional psychological disorders and it makes their condition worse. The disorder was first described by the French psychotherapists in the middle of the 19th century and then the disorder was studied more scrupulously.

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On practice, bipolar disorder is divided into several types which are characterized with the dominance of the certain symptom (mania, depression, anxiety, etc). The frequency of bipolar disorder is not very high, because the percent of the patients who suffer from it is equal to 0,5 and 0,8%. There is no information about the possibility of this disorder among children and teenagers, but according to the statistics more than a half of the patients fall ill with the disorder from the age of 25 to 40. The cause of the bipolar disorder is not known yet, but the experts have learnt that the genetic factor is nearly 80% and the influence of the environment is equal to 20%, so there is the idea that the disorder is a hereditary and family problem.

Bipolar disorder is a serious psychological disorder which affects the human life negatively and causes harm to the human social life. The student is able to devote much attention to this issue and complete a persuasive essay which would observe the disorder in detail. The young professional is asked to dwell on the factors which cause bipolar disorder and evaluate the effect of the problem on the human health and activity. it is important to write a few words about the therapies and difficulties which can occur in the process of treatment.

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