Essay on Revenge is Sweet

You know, the more I know people, the more I am surprised with their paradoxical behavior. A simple example: he and she love each other. Suddenly she meets another, falls in love and throws his first lover out of her life. How, from the standpoint of common sense, should her ex act? Correctly, forget the traitor, meet another, and fall in love with her to get the same pleasure as it was with the first girlfriend. What the ex actually does? (I do not want to say everybody would do so, yet the percentage is sufficient to not consider this phenomenon out of the ordinary or pathology) He cannot forget her, wants to get her back, torments himself and gets into depression.

The second example: One person did wrong to another. He lied or betrayed his lover or his friend, etc. – unfortunately, I can find a great many of such examples. Another man found out about this. And in public, publicly says treat the first one a scoundrel. And mind you that the exposer has not any material benefit from it. Moreover, he may even hurt himself a lot. For example, if the person he denounced is his immediate superior (does not refer to the case when a subordinate denounces chief with the aim to take his place).

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In both examples the person acts irrationally, illogically. But it is so at first glance. Often a mysterious mechanism of nature comes into play, which, like the philosopher’s stone that turns iron into gold, wrap clear disadvantage in a major success. Abandoned lover, “stimulated” by the treason, wrote an excellent book. He triples his efforts and makes a significant progress in his career. Exposer becomes known public figure, etc. To these ambiguous, as they say now, having the dual effect behavior motives we can certainly add revenge. If we let ourselves to follow this feeling it, may plunge us into the abyss of grief and suffering.

A simple example: Two neighbors. One’s tree casts a shadow on another garden. Entreaties lead to nothing. In the dark, moonless night, “the victim,” feeling the deepest satisfaction pours a gallon of hydrochloric acid under the hated tree. The tree naturally dies. A week later, the avenger’s pet dog horribly dies. A week later the owner of the dead tree find a few poisoned chickens. Want to know what was next? God forbid that it did not come up to the gun, which is known to shoot in the third act. Subtotal: insomnia, headache and little later bunch of psychological disorder on that basis.
Who won? Both lost. Is revenge sweet?

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