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Bluejacking Research Paper

is a byproduct of wireless connectivity with a computer or a mobile phone hands free headset. The word borrowed the first half from the bluetooth, and the second from the English hijacking, which means “invasion.” Members of one of the mobile networking conference have realized that their mobile phones can connect not only a computer, but also with each other. The idea was immediately tested in practice and picked up many fans. The most advanced in the new method of communication created special sites for the exchange of experiences.

To write a descent research paper on the topic you must know that bluejacking is, first, a great way to send files of various types, such as images, audio, and video files for free from one unit to another. Second, it is an opportunity to find friends. And thirdly, it is another method for pranking.

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A real bluejacker gives his phone a name like every web user invents a nickname. For example, you are traveling in a bus, and your phone finds other devices that support Bluetooth, displayed on screen or serial number, or name. If instead of a set of letters and numbers you see, for example, John, you already know that John is your man, and therefore you can safely send them a welcome message and even get acquainted.

Especially, if this John is somewhere nearby – Bluetooth recognizes phones, which are within ten meters. The site dedicated to the movement contains a lot of stories about dating via bluejacking, which then resulted in relationship. Bluejackers believe that a dialogue with the mysterious stranger, who may be on your arm’s length, really gives an additional charm.

Yet, for the avid bluejackers a hunt on those who have no clue is more interesting. Beginners simply send to a stranger phone every kind of nonsense, for example, pictures with sexual content, when the behavior of the prankers is much more refined. Ignorant people are affectionately called victims or, by old computer tradition, lamers. They can be detected by having the same serial number instead of a name. To start the hunter sends a few pictures, music files, or simply sends greetings to the unknown device. It helps to find the victim, who at this moment, puzzled, stares at his cell, trying to understand who all message are from, or shakes his head, hoping to find a villain. When it becomes clear to whom the message was sent, time to move on to the details. If it happens in a cafe, a hunter learns that a person drinks or eats and can write such a message: “Your coffee is quite cold.” Naturally, people will start to panic and blame the spies, and it is not far to persecution mania.

For Bluejacking many instruments have been developed. Most of the software was developed from 2000 to 2004, where multiple Bluetooth vulnerabilities were discovered.

Most of these instruments are implemented by autonomous developers and have very specific functions. On the one hand there are many tools to help Bluejacking, but otherwise there are hidden tools in applications that are available for bluesnarfing, but these are secrets of each device.

In modern devices has added a security method that tries to request a confirmation code when a device tries to connect to our system, but there are ways to bypass that application (or directly enter simple codes that are preset in appliances) so that is not a definite way to be sure.

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