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Unless someone has been secluded or living under a rock for the past decade or so then everyone knows Saddam Hussein as the dictator of Iraq. He has been under scrupulous observation by the entire international community ever since the 1980’s. Some of the reasons for this include the Iraq-Iran war, attacking neighboring Arab country Kuwait, the usage of chemical and biological weapons on his own people and on other countries, for ignoring United Resolutions countless times, and finally for the brutal suppression of his people. Hussein has been in control of Iraq for the past 32 years. Nobody defies him lest a government official kill them. He is known to be a ruthless man willing to kill anybody in order to solve a problem, or simply to make an example for others. There are many known torture chambers in the country, some of which are run by his eldest son, Uday. He has shown what he is capable of in his effort to become president, and through the Iraq-Iran war. Saddam is a very delusional man. He still believes that his country won the Gulf War of 1991, and he is sure that he can fend off and survive through an invasion led by the United States and Great Britain once more. This is why he continuously decides not to do what is required of him to avoid war. To him he is not going to lose for sure, he is sure that victory will be his. His arrogance can be seen when one takes a look around the country of Iraq. There are giant portraits, murals and statues of Saddam all over the country. Hussein seems to have no regard for the millions of lives he has destroyed. Some psychiatrists blame this problem on a tough childhood. No matter what the reasons are for Saddam’s problems, the fact remains that the deaths of innocent people can be attributed to him everyday. Much of the world has wanted Saddam Hussein gone for years now. Ever since the first Gulf War Americans have been looking for reasons to free the Iraqi people of this man. With recent events and with the start of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, most people believe that the citizens of Iraq will not have to live under this man for very much longer.

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To his family and inner circle of friends, Saddam is known as a very charming man when he is in a good mood. He is a very good public speaker. One of the men that he respects is the late Winston Churchill. Hussein admired him for his political work and for his contributions to the literature that comes form that era. Saddam enjoys a lot of Western literature, he likes to read American books, and watch American movies. His favorite is The Godfather trilogy. Saddam is a man of very expensive tastes. He lives in a country that is starving and drought-ridden, however, he still manages to own dozens of palaces with giant swimming pools and water fountains. For food, he enjoys lobster, shrimp and other fish, and fine European wines. He orders shipments of these in from Europe every two weeks. For the leader of country with such poor people he lives an extremely luxurious life.

Saddam’s childhood was not so luxurious. Saddam Hussein was born on April 28, 1937 in the Tikrit district of Iraq to a Sunni Muslim family, the minority religion of the country. The majority of Iraqis are Shi’ite Muslim. He lived an unhappy childhood that would have been unacceptable for any child. His father left him and his mother before he was born. His mother never wanted him either; this was apparent before and after his birth. A friend of Saddam’s mom who defected from Iraq once reported that she had witnessed his mother beating her own abdomen while being pregnant with him. After being born Saddam never had a permanent caregiver for years. He was rotated around between different family members. This could not have had a positive affect on the child as he was linked to the murders of his grade school teacher and of a cousin at a very young age. Saddam eventually ended up with his Uncle Khayrallah Talfah. This turned out to be a very important event in his Saddam’s life, because this man had a very big influence on Saddam’s religious and political views. Another reason this event was so important to Hussein is because he ended up having an arranged marriage to his first cousin and Khayrallah’s daughter, Sajida. They were married in 1959, and since then Sajida has been a loyal wife. The same cannot be said for Saddam as he has had many open affairs on his wife. This has embarrassed Sajida very much. Nonetheless she has borne Saddam five children, two sons and three daughters. One of their two sons, Uday (the oldest) and Qusay (the youngest) will be the successor of Saddam’s regime and will rule the country someday if it is not taken over before that. Both of the sons seem to be as ruthless, or almost as ruthless as the current dictator is. Uday is the man who is currently in charge of some of the regime’s jails and torture facilities.

Hussein had a very eventful and fascinating political career even before he became the president of Iraq. He began his life in politics in 1958 at the age of 22 when he joined the revolutionist Ba’ath party. Less than a year later in 1959, the future president of the country was forced to go into exile to Cairo, Egypt after a failed assassination attempt on the current Prime Minister, Abdel Karim Qassim. Saddam was caught and sentenced to death but escaped. Hussein could not return to Iraq until 1963 when the Ba’ath party gained control of the country. The control was short lived, and after the fall of the party Saddam was put in jail until 1963 when the Ba’ath party claimed control of Iraq once more, this time for good. Hussein was immediately named the Deputy Secretary-General of the party, the second highest position that there was.

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