Cause and Effect Essay on Obesity in America

Description of the Issue
Globally, there has been an alarming rise in the number of obesity and overweight cases. The situation has particularly been worse in the United States (US) with a significant portion of the country’s population currently affected by the health problem. The severity of obesity in the United States is evident from the rate of its encroachment and the kind of people it affects. Traditionally, obesity was known as a healthy problem for the adults, but the recent times have recorded situations in which all members of the population including children are affected by the health problem. Thus, this paper seeks to obtain data and information regarding the fraction of the US population affected by obesity and the extent by which the various factors contribute to the disease.

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Description of the Population
Obesity in the United States has been noted to affect over one third of the country’s adult population and over 18% of the children. The prevalence rate of obesity among the different states of the United States varies from one state to the other, with some states having higher obesity prevalence rates. Precisely, as per 2018 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance system, obesity prevalence among the U.S. states ranges between 22.6 and 38.1 with the state of Colorado having the lowest prevalence rate of 22.6% and West Virginia the highest prevalence rate of 38.1%. Thus, the study will undertake to unravel the state of obesity in West Virginia relative to the average obesity rate in all the other states of the United States. Moreover, data collection will involve the examination of the extent by which different factors have presently contributed to this health problem.

Collecting and Measuring Sample
Sample selection was based on the obesity prevalence rate among the 50 states of the United. From this criterion, the state of West Virginia was chosen since it was noted to be one of the states with the highest obesity prevalence rate. Sample selection was followed by secondary data collection. Remarkably, through the review of the various secondary sources, data in relation to obesity prevalence rate of all the states of the United States was obtained. Primary data was obtained from ten randomly selected health facilities in West Virginia. Using simple interview questionnaires, the number of patients who made a visit to that particular health facility for the last one week was recorded and their average obtained. The same process was repeated for all the ten healthcare facilities visited and results recorded in the data collection table shown below.

Data Collected

2018 Obesity Prevalence Rate

State  Obesity Prevalence rate (%W)
West Virginia  38.1
Mississippi 37.3
Oklahoma  36.5
Iowa  36.4
Alabama  36.3
Louisiana 36.2
Arkansas  35
Kentucky  34.3
Alaska  34.2
South Carolina  34.1
Ohio  33.8
Indiana  33.6
North Dakota 33.2
Texas  33
Nebraska  32.8
Tennessee  32.8 
Missouri  32.5
Kansas  32.4
Michigan  32.3 
North Carolina  32.1
Wisconsin  32.
South Dakota  31.9
Delaware 31.8
Georgia  31.6
Pennsylvania  31.6
Maryland  31.3
Illinois  31.1
Virginia 30.1
Rhode Island  30
Arizona 29.5
Oregon  29.4
Idaho  29.3
Maine  29.1
Wyoming  28.8
Florida  28.4
Minnesota  28.4
New Mexico  28.4
New Hampshire  28.1
Washington  27.7
Vermont  27.6
New Jersey  27.3
Connecticut  26.9
Nevada  26.7
Massachusetts  25.9
New York  25.7
Montana  25.3
California  25.1
Hawaii  23.8
District of Columbia  23
Colorado  22.6


Number of obesity Cases Recorded Daily in 10 Hospitals of West Virginia   

Hospital  Percentage of number of obese cases observed 
A 36%
C 38%
D 35%
E 40%
F 39%
G 37%
H 38%
J 39%

Works Cited
State of Obesity Organization. Adult Obesity in the United States. 20 Jan. 2018. Web. 28 April 2019

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