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The difference between the school life and college life is great and many inexperienced high school students wonder what the actual differences are. It is obvious that the life differs in all aspects and the differences touch upon the educational and technical principles and sides of life. On the one hand, a college is a serious step in the life of every student, because it requires responsibility and moral maturity. On the other hand college opens wide perspectives for every student who finishes it, because a certified student is ore lucky to find a job that the one who has the certificate about high school education.

So, speaking about education, college is more difficult but at the same time more interesting, because at high school students have to attend all the classes obligatorily, but at college students choose the subjects which are interesting for them and attend only these classes. College students have to study harder, because the material is more serious than at school and requires more time and efforts. Moreover, there are more complicated written assignments which are often problematic for students being big in volume and weird.

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However, the organizational process is more favourable at college, because high school students sit at school from the early morning till 4 pm and it is quite oppressive for students to survive these long hours at class. The college organization is flexible and convenient for every student. The young person can choose the subjects she wants and create the most convenient schedule of attendance. Furthermore, the college life is more condense, unpredictable and dynamic, because one can have different extra classes any time or even do not have classes at all if the professor is away at a conference.

Maybe the biggest dream of every high school student is to move from his parents and live alone. College provides students with such an opportunity, because students live in dormitories with their mates far from parents. On the one hand it is a positive change; on the other hand you have to be responsible enough to survive, because you will have to organize your time yourself.

Summing it all up, college life is much more difficult that high school life, because the material is complicated, you spend much time at the library but at the same time you have the chance to test yourself, your personal qualities and the ability to manage your life and freedom you possess wisely.

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