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Bibliotherapy or bibliographic therapy, also known as literature therapy, is a form of therapy in which the reading of books and discussions of the read is in focus. Bibliographic Therapeutic texts can be works of fiction or so-called self-help literature.

Bibliographic therapy is not only designed for specific groups such as the mentally ill or unstable patients, but can be used by everyone. The emphasis is on increased well-being, which has a curative and healing effect during the time you are wondering what you read and perhaps discuss it with others. In this way, memories and experiences clothed in words provide help in understanding of particular heavy and awkward experiences and problems.

The emergence of bibliotherapy began during World War I, when it was discovered that reading could promote healing for traumatized soldiers. Since then, development has taken place primarily in the U.S., but in recent years, the theory has also been spread in Europe.

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Such a significant effect of the book on people’s mental health, however, is of much older ancestry. It is said, that already in ancient Greece amongst others Aristotle regarded literature as drugs for the soul. During the 1200s, it was read even from the Quran to patients in the hospital in Cairo Al-Mansur, as part of the treatment.

The first doctoral dissertation in bibliotherapy was written in 1949 by the American Caroline Shrodes. There are clear links from psychotherapy to bibliotherapy, but bibliotherapy bottoms in other theories. Shrodes also expresses the same three phases in the bibliotherapeutic process: identification, catharsis, and insight. Readers identify, recognize themselves in the text, and live into it so they can look at their own life from a different perspective. The reading may thus have positive and liberating emotional impact on the individual concerned.

The clinical bibliotherapy focuses on therapeutic and healing effect on reading and conversation. Here collaborating librarian with a doctor who monitors and controls his work.

Today bibliotherapy is used in a hospital, where the long-term patients can borrow books in a hospital library. The patients can be in groups or alone for discussing with a librarian or therapist the works they read, and the feelings and thoughts that the reading evoked. Even counselors, doctors, and social workers can utilize literature as therapy or aids together with their patients.

Bibliographic therapeutic methods can be used both in the social and health services as well as integrated in occupational health and tutorials, but also among various leisure activities.

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