Essay about Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is an impressively controversial figure in the US show business and politics. The star of Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes show, he is also known nationwide as a popular radio talk show host. He broadcasts out of WABC radio studios in Manhattan, NY. Hannity’s activities, beyond shows, included various collaborative actions, writing of a book (“Deliver Us From Evil”), and notorious (and scandalous) political statements. All these activities are directed to increase popularity, respect and influence (Freedom Alliance collaboration, state-supported meet up groups, less popular, but nonetheless impressive support of various political personalities). Sean Hannity’s radio popularity enabled him to promote representatives of different political forces and views. Most of them are have unpopular or controversial views, e.g. Jersey white supremacist Hal Turner, who ran for Congress Elections in 2000, and was promoted by Hannity on his radio show.

Though Hannity is often criticized for his manner to take interviews of important political figures, and his controversial statements that make his guests feel at least “uneasy”, he has certainly made himself a career and a nationwide popularity due to this aggressive and uncompromising manner.

Another example of collaborative networking to promote and maintain status and influence is Sean Hannity’s cooperation with Freedom Alliance to raise money to provide college tuition for the dependent children of soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who have been killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. Hannity and his listeners have contributed over $4 million to this program over the past two years.

The alliance serves as an additional promoter of Hannity’s personality and positive image. Oliver North who founded Freedom Alliance and serves as the organization’s Honorary Chairman once stated in his interview: “Sean Hannity is a great friend, and we appreciate the help that he and his millions of listeners are providing for the men and women of our armed forces”.

Sean Hannity is also obviously supporting the present Bush administration and his war on terror. His support is partially expressed in his book (“Deliver Us From Evil”) that was edited before the elections 2004 and “prayed that America will make the right choice”. The profound promotion of the political elite is one of the most effective ways to promote maintain influence and status. Hannity’s use of journalistic tricks to support some politicians and slander others, added up to his influence and career, and has also greatly enriched his image and status.


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