Essay: Smokers Are More Open than Non-Smokers

Although smoking is a harmful habit, there is a stereotype that smokers are more open than non-smokers. The stereotype is based on the belief that smokers always smoke together. When one wants to have a smoke, he will always find a company. When you go near a pub, you can notice a group of people who smoke together. Therefore, it is possible to say that smokers are very sociable and communicative. Is it true that openness depends on smoking? Can smoking help you develop your communicative skills and sociability?

It is difficult to say that smokers are more open than non-smokers, but let us observe this issue in detail. When one analyzes the cause of smoking, he will focus on psychological sides of this question. People smoke their first cigarette when they are very young.

Teenagers try their first cigarette when they are fourteen or fifteen. They smoke, because they want to become an integral part of a group. They believe that smoking can help them look cool and mature. Obviously, when one wants to attract attention of others with the help of smoking, it is possible to say that he has poor self-esteem and does not have his own opinion. He is ready to do anything to become a part of a social group. Consequently, one can say that young smokers are open, because they are looking for new friends and communication. They want to find their place in the definite social group. Of course, they have chosen a wrong method to reach their goal.

When we speak about mature smokers, we can notice that they often use smoking to start a dialogue. A smoker offers a stranger to have a smoke and they start their conversation.

Doubtless, it looks like a specific ritual. It does not worth mentioning that it is hard to start a conversation without the definite reason. In this case, smoking is a good occasion for a brief conversation. Moreover, smokers say that the sincerest talk occurs during smoking. A cigarette plays the role of a glass of wine or a mug of beer. It creates the definite specific atmosphere for substantial private conversation.

Then, when a smoker wants to establish contact with someone, he will offer a cigarette. As a result, he will look like a generous and open person. Finally, smokers are able to break an awkward silence with the help of a simple cigarette.

As you see, smoking is a good pretext to start a conversation. Of course, it does not mean that smokers are more open than non-smokers. They just can start a dialogue easier.

Smoking does not influence sociability and openness. There are many easy-going and companionable people who do not need a cigarette to make friends and to have a good talk with someone. In addition, smoking makes certain barriers that can spoil communication.

For example, many people dislike the smell of cigarettes and they will not talk to a smoker eagerly. Everyone knows that smoking causes harm to the human health. Therefore, when a woman sees a smoking man, she will not treat him like a reliable and healthy partner.

I suppose smokers are not more open than non-smokers, because smoking has nothing to do with communication. It is easy to start a dialogue and to make another person interested in your words without a cigarette. In some cases, a cigarette is a good pretext for a dialogue, but in other cases, one does not require any additional instruments and substances to start a conversation.

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