Essay on Special Kids

Of course, special kids are different from the rest, they have different needs and capabilities to studying. In my opinion all kids are special in their own way, but some of them have physical or mental dysfunctions which minimize their possibilities to be successful in some areas: either studying or sports. Special educational programs are created to meet the needs of these children, however, I believe that such segregation of special kids from normal makes the situation even worse. When special kids do not associate with normal they feel themselves not only different, but also unnecessary for the society they live. They think that normal kids are better, smarter while these special kids are left outside the life. I would not deny that special education is necessary and it would be completely incorrect to force the kid with learning disability into the group of overachievers, however, they should have the opportunity to visit the same classes as the rest. While talking about children with physical disabilities, there is no basis to exclude them from educational program. Of course, if the child is blind or deaf, or cannot walk, the educational program becomes special for him and the special schools are vital for normal development. However, when talking about the kids with learning dysfunctions such as inability to concentrate or to memorize, they should be included into general education classrooms.

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There is a number of reasons why children have learning disabilities: the most common situation is social or psychological pressures. For example, if the child from the early years was forced to study, he might grow up into the student who does not want to study at all because of this pressure. Another example, the child has been never taken care of by parents who did not think about his mental development at all – when this kid comes to school he will not meet the requirements because there is nobody at home to help him if he has hardships with understanding the material.

The involvement of the special education teacher is very important in such situations. The most vital role the special education teacher should perform is trying to identify the root of the problems, particularly why the kids is unable to succeed academically. Maybe he is too shy to ask questions is there is misunderstanding or he is so much afraid of punishment for bad marks that he cannot concentrate at all. The next step would be elimination of the existing problem.The special education teacher should be very patient and persistent. It is a fact that special kids are very emotional and if they often do not understand something with logic, they can feel how they treated. In most cases parents of special kids lack knowledge of how to treat their children, while the special education teachers possesses enough knowledge to help children feel comfortable in the world they live in. As I have already mentioned above, children with disabilities should be included into general education classrooms and the teacher’s role is very important in this situation.

The most important function general teacher should perform while giving the instruction to special children is creation of the suitable studying environment for disabled children, making sure that they understand the task and are successfully accomplishing it. General education teacher should create the friendly environment when not too much, but enough, attention is paid to kids with disabilities. Why not too much? Because when too much attention is paid to special kids, the rest of the kids might feel that not enough attention is being paid to them; while the special kids feel uncomfortable when the teacher is always near – such action emphasizes their inability to perform the task on their own. Our society enjoys giving labels to everybody, including kids. Children are not guilty for their mental or physical disability and the society should not put them into the position which underlines their inferiority. When I hear the claim that there is no place for special kids among normal general school children, I recall the example of Bill Gates who did not manage to graduate from college because of very low points. Nevertheless, nobody dares even to think about him as having problems with studying. He was not successful in history but his knowledge and creativity in technology has made him the youngest richest person in the world. Special kids might be less successful in studying but in the future succeed in other fields, such as arts for example.
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