Student Volunteering Essay

There are a lot of opportunities for volunteers in medical sphere, especially in practice areas, such as direct patient care, education and service. In my report I’ll analyze volunteer experience in the direct patient care. First of all, such kind of experience helps the volunteers to develop their personality and improve their behavior. The student being volunteer feels empowered, he has responsibilities and should answer for his actions. Volunteering gives an opportunity to be initiative and helps to develop leadership skills. Being the volunteer in the direct patient care gives the students opportunities to interact professionally with patients, gain experience in methods of curing, get acquainted with current health issues and develop individual skills, for example communication and leadership ones.

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Physical Therapy Department offers wonderful opportunities for students who chose physical therapy as their future career or just for students who are interested in it and other health related fields.

The organization encourages more active lay participation of student volunteers in the life of the department and so students will be able to observe the work of physical therapists and ask interesting questions.

“The Foundation administers a number of scholarship and loan repayment programs for health professional students and graduates. All program recipients are required to provide direct patient care in a medically underserved area of California and other states of the USA” (Patton, 1987). The period of work for the volunteering organizations hesitates from one to two years depending on the program.

The volunteering foundation’s main aim is to increase the number of student volunteers, encourage their practice in direct patient care and so increase the number of healthcare professionals. Volunteering practice is necessary for the further successful employment, as one of the main demands in most clinics is the volunteer’s practice. It’s not very difficult to work as a volunteer, it’s more difficult to be a successful volunteer worker.

In fact, being a volunteer is a hard work and requires a lof of efforts and great desire from the volunteer. The volunteer should be able to understand patient’s demands in relation to practice, practice in the ethic manner and using his knowledge should enhance the patient’s understanding.

The volunteer should be very careful and so practice in a safe manner minimizing the risk to patients and self. Then, the volunteer should be punctual and initiative. His work will be rank-order and there will be a fixed schedule. The next demand is to treat patients, their families and other people with respect, compassion and regard. The positive environment is necessary for the productive labor. The sense of responsibility is one of the main features of character that is necessary in volunteering practice of direct patient care. Aggressive and explosive temper is inadmissible in volunteering because patients are usually squeamish and mentally unstable.

Communicative skills are very important, as they help to reach the understanding with the patients during the practice of direct patient care. The volunteer must also be able to support and encourage the patient. As we can see, the volunteering is a specific sphere of practice that requires both professional skills and definite features of character. Every student must work on self-improvement and only then it’s possible to make an important contribution in such practice areas as direct patient care, education and service.
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