Psychographics Essay

Knowledge about individuals and communities and their lifestyle helps us understand the culture of human society. Have you ever heard about psychographic studies? Why is it important to learn about the interests and values of common people?

Psychographics is a study about human personality in general. Experts learn about human interests, values, lifestyle and attitudes in order to understand his/her expectations from life.

This knowledge is very beneficial forasmuch it can be applied in numerous fields of human activity. This study is very rich concerning its methodology and achievements.

Psychographics is associated with culture in its broader meaning. Very often, experts manage to learn about such details, which cross all intercultural borders. For that reason, this study is able to collect much information about the lifestyle and values of the particular social groups and the entire humanity.

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Psychographics is used in demographics, marketing, opinion research and social research.

Apparently, humans are social creatures thereof they share a great number of common features, models of behavior and traits of character. They react in the specific situation in a particular way. To my mind, it is considerable to get to know about such regularities and similarities that can help us divide people into categories. This knowledge is valuable on practice.

Above all things, I will write about the use of psychographics for marketing. Marketing is an unusual activity, which is characterized with the promotion of goods and services.

Every smart entrepreneur wants to make his products popular among consumers. There are many ways of successful marketing. Social research is the most rewarding among them. When you want to promote your goods and services, it is wise to learn about the target group of consumers. Logically, it is impossible to sell your products to everyone.

Your product can be interesting only to the special group of customers. Experienced entrepreneurs do not try to create a universal item that will be required by everyone. They focus on the exact social group and do everything they can to make their product attractive to its members. For example, if you want to attract attention of teenagers, you should study their lifestyle, interests and values. If you understand the peculiarities of their character, you will be able to predict what they need. Thus, you can design a brand new product that will be attractive to an average adolescent.

Naturally, if you want to attract attention of mature women, you will need to study their personality and invent something appropriate for them. If you plan to sell 100% genuine juice, you should learn something about the values and interests of the people who care about their health. Healthy lifestyle is not limited with physical exercises and healthy food. Such people are often vegetarians who are fond of animals. You can use this information for the creation of the right commercial for vegans and other people who try to keep fit.

Every expert who uses psychographic approach towards marketing or opinion research is supposed to create a psychographic profile of an average representative of the target social group. He defines activities, interests, attitudes, values, behavior, age, pastime, hobbies, etc. Such detailed profiles help marketers design the most advantageous advertisements, which can grab attention of an average member of the chosen group of consumers.

Sometimes psychographics is confused with demographic research. This comparison is not right since demographic approach is mostly based on the historical study of the structure of our society.

Demographers study the number of males and females of different age in the particular historical period. For example, they compare the number of unemployed people of the 19th century with the same situation of these days. Psychographics is a more scrupulous study. It pays attention to inner side of the problem. It does not simply indicates the number of unemployed people. It focuses on the cause and effect of this problem studying the personality of an average unemployed person.

Psychographics is a very important and original study, which helps experts get to know about the structure, values and lifestyle of our society. Its methods are applied in marketing, social research, opinion research and other fields that require knowledge about an average human personality of the given social group.

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