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The effects of bad parenting can negatively affect your kid in the future. This is the conclusion reached by scientists after extensive meta-analysis of 70 studies, which involved more than 200,000 children.

The researchers, working under the guidance of scientists from the University of Warwick, found that children who were both the victims and the bullies, the consequences of bad parenting were more negative than for children who were only the victims. It was found that insufficient or tough parenting is associated with a moderate increase in risk of becoming a “bully-victim” and a small increase in the risk of becoming a victim of bullying peers, while a right parenting reduces the risk of being bullied. The study’s authors call for anti-bullying programs through the introduction of increasing attention to the education of children outside the school, focusing on their positive parenting in families even before they start school.

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Scientists say that bullying goes far beyond the school grounds, as have a lasting and profound impact on the child adult life. Psychologists know that the victims and bullies-victims often have physical health problems, they suffer from anxiety and depression and also are at the increased risk of self-harm and suicide. Therefore, it is important to understand more about the factors associated with bullying, to reduce the burden on affected children and society. People often think that bullying is just a problem of schools, but from this study, it became clear that parents also play a very important role.

Therefore, there is need in targeted programs to promote positive parenting techniques, such as warmth, affection, companionship, and support, not only for schools, but also for families.

This is the conclusion reached by researchers who have studied the behavior category in childrearing. Negative behavior of parents iscruelty / neglect, inadequate education, and overprotection. The parent-child relationship, parental involvement and support, monitoring of warmth and affection were considered as positive parental behavior.

The experts emphasize that overprotection is also associated with an increased risk of bullying. Although parental involvement, support, and overcontrol reduce the possibility of their children participation in bullying, but for the victims overprotection increases this risk. Children need support, but some parents are trying to be a buffer for their children from all negative emotions – they shield children from learning ways to deal with bullies and make children more vulnerable. This leads to the fact that children with excessively caring parents do not develop such qualities as self-reliance and self-determination, and therefore, they become an easy target for bullies.

Parenting should include clear rules of conduct, but maintain and give emotional warmth, as this will help to prevent victimization. Parents should let their children sometimes conflict with their peers, not to interfere with the least threat to children could learn how to solve these conflicts.

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