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Water Crisis research paper:

According to studies by the World Health Organization, today more than two billion people suffer from water crisis. Experts predict that by 2015 the countries with chronic water shortage will house more than half the world’s population. Fresh water is rapidly becoming a scarce natural resource for in the XX century water consumption increased by 7 times, whereas the world’s population grew only by three times. Lack of water gives rise to a range of economic, social, and political problems that could undermine stability in the world and lead to global shocks.

Research by the United Nations shows that more than half of the planet will either experience serious water shortages or feel its deficit. And by mid-century it already will be three-quarters of the world’s population that will not have enough fresh water.

Experts expect that the deficit will become ubiquitous mainly due to increasing the number of the world’s population. The situation is aggravated by the fact that people are getting richer (which increases their demand for water) and global climate change, which leads to desertification and reduced water availability.

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The main sources of fresh (drinking) water are rivers and freshwater lakes, which are spread extremely uneven. In Europe and Asia, where 70 % of the population is concentrated, there are only 39 % of world reserves of river waters. In Europe, where almost 20 % of the world’s population live, fresh water make up only 7% of all the world’s water.

To reduce the loss of water, it is necessary to carry out a reasonable pricing policy that promotes better water conservation in the residential and industrial sectors. Often people exploit a natural resource, caring little about the losses, if water there is almost for free.

Higher prices also improve the condition of the water delivery systems and reduce its losses. One of the most important consequences of too low prices for water is that insufficient funds are allocated for the development and maintenance of water supply systems. Appropriate services usually do not seek to timely detect the leaks and proceed to actions only after a major incident.

Reasons for the scarcity of fresh water in the world are as follows:

  1. Intensively increasing water requirements in connection with the growth of the world population.
  2. The development of economic activities, requiring enormous water resources.
  3. Freshwater losses due to the reduction of the rivers.
  4. Water pollution by untreated sewage.

Strengthening the shortage of drinking water and fresh water occurs both because of the increasing number of the world’s population and uncontrolled process of increasing the number of residents of cities. As a result, urban services cannot cope with demand outstripping growth of fresh water.

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