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Is there anything in the world more precious than time? What is the value of time?

You can create or produce something of value without investing effort, money and other resources, but nothing comes instantly. Even on the fertile soils of the south, where the soil is so fat and even a peasant labor is not a hard labor, you cannot make the fruit grow faster.

But time is much more than a useful resource.

This is what our life consist of. However, paradoxically, there is little what we regard so lightly, sometimes even depreciatingly as time.

Killing time is a very common activity last hundred years, which is nothing but a form of slow suicide, cutting the pieces of our lives. And mankind has invented many ways and tools of this type of murder – from the desktop (more or less gambling) games to the TV series.

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They are like fire and flowing water, which people can, as you know, watch endlessly: picture changes all the time, but nothing happens.

For some of us there is always not enough time, and usually the older we get, the more.

Others, on the contrary, cannot structure properly their time. But it cannot be that there just was or was not time. It is always something there, but for something. The presence (or absence) of time corresponds with that occupation for which we need it, with the intent to which we want to spend it.

And someone has a lot of such occupations, and for him there is always not enough time, and some people, they simply do not know what to do with their time. Unfortunately, it could not be passed and could not be sold to those who need it more.

Time is within us and outside us. It does not pass, we pass, as it has been said yet, it seems, in the Talmud. But man is different from all other living creatures by knowing value of time. For him, there is not only real, what is here and now, plus or minus a short memory of the past and an even shorter ability to anticipate upcoming events.

People connect their past in a single structure – not only memories (from early childhood), but also the historical past, that was before they were born – the present and the future, again including even what will happen after his death.

Out of time are those who live day by day, for whom today is not correlated with yesterday, and tomorrow is not rooted in today. For them their actions have no consequences and their mistakes do not teach them anything.

We gradually learn to appreciate, preserve, protect and restore the space surrounding us – the environment is now in the price. Learn to appreciate and also invest our time wisely – there will no other.

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