Venezuela Crisis Essay

The current Venezuela Crisis poses a significant humanitarian challenge. The crisis, which began under the reign of Hugo Chavez, has affected millions of Venezuelans. According to the United Nations, it is estimated that more than three million Venezuelans have fled the oil-rich South American nation since the start of the conflict. During the 2000s, the increase in the price of oil would have significant implications for the country. Hugo Chavez, who was the then President before he passed away, would embark on an ambitious project to improve the welfare of ordinary citizens. The government would subsidize the cost of living by providing affordable housing and revamping the healthcare industry. However, the overspending would ultimately lead to the collapse of the economy as the global price of oil began to fall. The international community will be required to help Venezuela address the political crisis that threatens to tie it apart.

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The political competition between Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido has had devastating consequences for the poverty-stricken nation. Since Guaido declared himself the interim president of the South American country, his rivalry with Maduro has resulted in the loss of lives and property. The government has been keen to use the military and police to hold onto power. It is a conflict that threatens to get out of hand if adequate measures are not undertaken to end it. The decision by the United States to throw its weight behind Guaido has had mixed fortunes for the opposition. Although Guaido has been acknowledged by more than 40 countries as the interim president of Venezuela, the decision has not changed the facts on the ground. He does not exercise any powers that can help change the tide since Maduro continues to command the loyalty of the security forces. Consequently, it has been increasingly difficult to solve the conflict as all the parties are unwilling or unable to make a compromise. It will be difficult to end the conflict if the parties continue to be unflinching with respect to the positions. The leaders must put the interests of the nation ahead of personal goals and ambitions.

The deteriorating economic situation in Venezuela should be a concern for the international community. Prior to the crisis, Venezuela had one of the best healthcare industry in the region. The government has significantly subsidized the cost of healthcare services, thus making it cheap for its citizens to access quality services. In addition, the government implemented robust economic policies to improve the quality of life for ordinary citizens. Hence, the government made the decision to provide affordable housing to millions of Venezuela. However, the current socio-political crisis has eroded the gains made in the past. Millions of Venezuelans currently do not have the spending power to afford basic needs (Soriano 12). According to the United Nations, the situation is likely to deteriorate if appropriate decisions are not made to assist the affected people. Therefore, it may be important to identify short-term measures that can be undertaken to ensure that Venezuelans have access to basic needs. As a result, Venezuela’s neighbors will be expected to play a more proactive role in shaping the future of the once prosperous South American nation. The nations would be obliged to craft a strategy that would help in ending the economic suffering. The international community should also assess how the current sanctions against the oil-rich nation have affected its ability to meet the needs of its citizens.

The international community is obligated to take robust measures to find a lasting solution to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The United Nations has the responsibility of ensuring that the affected victims are provided with any assistance that they may require. The humanitarian crisis at the border between Venezuela and Colombia has led to the outbreaks of diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and typhoid among others. Consequently, it would be important for the international community to determine the most effective strategy to solve the crisis. The political and economic pressure against the Maduro government has failed to deliver the desired results. His regime continues to use violence as an effective tool of stamping out dissent (Soriano 20). In addition, economic pressure has mostly affected the public and not the ruling class. Therefore, it would be essential to review the impact of the already implemented measures against the regime. The role of sanctions should also be evaluated to ensure that the humanitarian crisis is not allowed to continue. The international community must seek to ensure that the warring parties are brought together to craft a strategy that will help the nation end the conflict.

In conclusion, the current socio-political standoff in Venezuela is likely to have a ripple effect in the region. The increase in the number of people fleeing the turmoil has forced some of Venezuela’s neighbors to close their borders. The economic conditions in Venezuela have significantly affected millions of people. The super inflation being witnessed across the nation has made it impossible for the public to afford basic needs such as medication and food. The international community will be obliged to play a more proactive role in finding a lasting solution to the socio-political crisis facing Venezuela.

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