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Stock market is the part of the capital market where such processes as emission and trade with securities. A stock market is the abstract term and it serves to describe the complex of processes and actions, structures and mechanisms of the appropriate trade with securities. It must not be confused with stock exchange – the institution which creates the opportunities for sellers and customers to carry out financial operations and purchase and sell securities. Stock markets are divided into several types according to the area of their functioning: world, national, regional and local. It is obvious that big corporations have their securities on the international market, and as a result their price is higher. Besides, there are primary and secondary stock markets. There are two forms of the organization of the secondary market: under the assistance of a stock exchange and the “street” variant of trade. Then, stock markets are divided according to the type of the securities. There are corporate markets, municipal and state markets.

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The stock markets of all kinds fulfill many important functions which regulate the stability and effectiveness of economics: they regulate the currency circulation and crediting, improve the transmission of capital between the sectors and spheres of economics, control over the corporate capital, involvement of the finance and its appropriate use, informing about the move of the private capital. Stock market is not a stable and totally safe place, because there is always the risk of crashes which are followed with economic crises which generally influence the economic situation all over the world.

Stock market is a useful topic for discussion, because the student learns about the functioning of the economic system deeper. The young professional has the opportunity to observe the topic in detail and complete a good research proposal on it where the alternative approach towards the topic is presented. It is possible to prepare a successful proposal and persuade the professor in the quality of the selected problem for the observation. A good proposal demonstrates the purpose of the research, the methodology of the research on stock market, the sources used for the investigation and illustrates the predicted results of the student’s work. The student is supposed to define the relevance of the problem on stock market and compose a logical and informative text.

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