Women’s Rights Essay

There exists a tendency that every year the rights of women become stronger, and the previously existing inequality seems to disappear. Therefore, when a few years ago females still faced some serious barriers and prejudice throughout society, 2018 became one more year that greatly contributed to women’s equal rights and treatment.

First of all, during this year, the voice of millions of women who have faced sexual misconduct was finally heard. In fact, the #MeToo #TimesUp movement was ignited, and “power dynamics used against women were no longer restricted to the shadows” (“It’s Not The ‘Year Of The Woman.’ It’s The ‘Year Of The Women'”). Also, there were crucial changes in politics that contributed to the perception of 2018 as “the year of women.”

The research shows that “the record number of women running for election this year is undoubtedly going to change politics permanently”(“It’s Not The ‘Year Of The Woman.’ It’s The ‘Year Of The Women'”). What is even more important is that female candidates are not only elite career politicians but also single caring mothers and simple teachers who want to change their communities for better. Therefore, in 2018, women in politics “represent real people and their concerns, not just special interest elites” (“It’s Not The ‘Year Of The Woman.’ It’s The ‘Year Of The Women'”). As might be expected, the treatment of women also changes as they acquire more powers today.

All points considered, the women of 2018 require not only support and votes but also equal treatment and full accountability. As they acquire more rights in different spheres of life, modern women become more loud, visible, and powerful.

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