Different Community Essay

It is true that living in a different community can enhance one’s social skills on multiple facets. For instance, an individual can learn the language of the community in which he or she has chosen to live in. Learning the dialect can help a person to form a new network of relationships since he or she develops oral skills to enable him or her interact with diverse audiences. Similarly, one will learn to accept differences presented by the new community as this enhances a person’s skills of accepting and respecting instead of rejecting and judging others. Living in a different community teaches one to be responsible and accountable, and to be able to use mind over matter.

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Living in a different community facilitates one’s ability to learn and comprehend a new language. Learning a new language has numerous personal and career benefits; for instance, it is essential for individuals in the field of human social services to learn a new language since it will facilitate them in their daily services (Cook, 2016). Similarly, learning a new dialect helps one form a new network of friendships from individuals in the new community.

Living in a new community is important for people since it helps them understand the importance of accepting and respecting instead of rejecting and judging other people’s culture negatively (Benson & Voller, 2014). In most instances, different communities have a varied culture which might not coalesce with an individual’s culture. In such instances, one learns the new culture and appreciates it over time.

Ostensibly, living in a new community enables one to be responsible and accountable. AS stated above, most communities have different norms which might encompass teaching people the aspects of responsibility and accountability (Dworkin, 2017). In this regard, living in such a community enables one to be accountable and responsible in numerous facets of life.

Living in a new community enables people to use the mind over matter. By living in a new community, individuals are encouraged to use their mind over sensitive matters in the community (O’Faircheallaigh, 2015). When a person moves to a new community, they learn to make rational decisions regarding various challenges in the new community. In this regard, an individual will be best positioned to improve themselves in problem solving initiatives.

From the illustrations presented above it is evident that living in a different community has numerous benefits. For instance, one will understand a different language which is useful in numerous facets of life. Similarly, an individual living in a different community will build themselves regarding various social matters.

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