Research Proposal on Brand Equity

Brand Equity research proposal:

Brand equity is the indicator of the value and popularity of the chosen brand of a company. Nowadays, the impact of brands on the success of a company can not be overestimated. The majority of firms survive only due to the fact that they have generated popular and credible brands which attract consumers’ attention. The purpose of brand equity is to evaluate the cost of the brand and make sure that it has not lost its popularity and support from the side of consumers. It does not worth mentioning that it is quite difficult to create a successful brand and there are no definite rules and universal strategies which explain how to do it correctly. The success of a brand depends on the moment, set of circumstances, etc. The firm can spend much money on the generation of a successful brand with its own image, logo, history, style and sound name but the brand will not gain popularity.

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Branding is a complicated and unpredictable process which requires knowledge about the human psychology, marketing, etc. One should understand that the two important factors of quality and quantity do not play the important role in the success of a product. An expensive poor quality brand-product is more successful than the same non-brand one. It is important to create a myth about the product and consumers would pay three times more for the poor-quality brand, because it sounds nice. The competition of brands is very serious on the market and every company tries to advertise its brand from the most favourable side often with the use of the dirty technologies.

Brand equity is a complicated strategy aimed at the creation of a profitable and successful brand which would be loved and praised by consumers. The issue is quite interesting for the research and the student can try to focus on the strong and weak sides of brand equity and prepare a research proposal about it. First of all one should learn about the problem a lot and collect information about the effect and principles of existence of branding. Then one can observe the techniques of brand equity and evaluate the relevance of the problem and the impact of branding on the modern economics and society.

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