Coastal Erosion Research Proposal

Coastal erosion is the process of the destruction and alteration of the coastal areas under the effect of wind, water and other factors.

Coastal erosion is a natural process which can not probably be stopped, because the power of sea waves and wind is really high. The erosion of coastal area is a widespread problem in the regions which are located on the shores of oceans and seas. There are also different kinds of coasts which consist of various types of rocks which are more or less vulnerable to this process. For example, if the rock is very high, it is influenced not just by the sea waves in its lower part, but also by the wind in its upper part. The rocks consist of different elements – the ones are solid and the others are quite soft, that is why all coastal areas are characterized with tunnels and caves which were created by the power of the sea.

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These tunnels are the result of washing out the soft elements, like chalk and limestone from the structure of more solid elements of the coastal rock. The process is even more rapid due to the structure of the sea water which is rich in various elements which cause solution and corrosion of the rocks. It is natural that coastal erosion is a big problem for the people living on the sea shores. The coastal settlements are often damaged and ruined when the cliff on which the house is built becomes destroyed under the power of the sea.

Moreover, erosion cause harm to the environment and agriculture devastating soil and ruining infrastructure.

Coastal erosion is the problem which is based on the leaching of rocks form the coastal areas causing harm to the human towns located on the shores. The student has the opportunity to observe the problem closer and learn about the cause and effect of coastal erosion and prepare a worthy research project about it. The proposal should persuade the professor in the success of the student’s choice of the topic and demonstrate the list of the interesting questions which will be researched there. Moreover, the student has to write down the methods used for the research and share his expectations concerning the result of the investigation.

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