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is one of the most seldom genetic disorders. Progeria is characterized with the alteration of the structure of skin and organs, which are caused by the premature aging of the human body. The disorder is divided into two types – the child and adult progeria, which cause harm to the people of different age groups.

There are only no more than 80 registered cases of progeria, including the disorder among 6-, 13-, 12- and 7-year-old children. The child progeria happens because of the mutation of the gene LMNA, and the disorder is most often the inborn one and the clinical symptoms occur on the second and third years of the child’s life. The most visible symptoms are the stop of the growth of the body and the alteration epidermis and the quality of skin on the face and limbs.

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The child’s head is big, the veins are visible through the skin, the quality of teeth, nails and hair have the symptoms which can be seen during dystrophy. The average length of life during the child’s progeria is 13 years (the person reaches the age of no more than 25 years). Progeria among adults occurs because of WRN gene mutations. Approximately on the 30th year of life one’s hair becomes grey and disappears, there are problems with eyesight, skin, bones and muscles. The disorder is characterized with the processes and alterations in the human body which occur during the regular aging. Naturally, because of the fact that the disorder occurs extremely rarely, there have not been carried out profound research on the issue, so progeria can not be cured; moreover, the treatment would be very difficult and expensive.

Progeria is a serious and very rare disease which causes very specific problems to the human body. The student is able to read about progeria and its cases in detail and then try to analyze the disease, its cause and effect on the human life. It is possible to observe the types of progeria, its symptoms, the condition of the human body suffering from the disease and to evaluate the danger of the disease and to try to invent the possible cure for it. As there are only several cases on progeria, one is able to observe the disease on the definite example.

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