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One of my friends is diabetic. She has what they call Juvenile Diabetes. She is also insulin dependant. She was diagnosed with diabetes when she was six going on seven. She was diagnosed in the January and her seventh birthday was in the February. She has been diabetic for nine yeas now, and copes with it very well in my opinion. She accepts it as part of her life and that it could be worse, that she could have been diagnosed with another more critical disease.

How does it affect her life? Well she has to test her sugar three times a day, in the morning before she eats, at dinner before she eats and before she goes to bed. She tests her sugar by pricking her finger and putting the blood on a strip. The machine is a special one used for diabetics. It takes about five seconds to count down unlike the other ones which take approximately anywhere from fifteen seconds to one minute. When she gets sick she has to test every two hours, and she also has to test her ketones but another machine. “Ketones” is a term they use but actually it is a condition called ketone-acidosis. When she has ketones it produces the same symptoms as the flu usually (eg. Vomiting, head aches, fever, abdominal pains. . etc). it is very dangerous for her to have ketones because it makes her extremely dehydrated and she always ends up going to the hospital, and having to be hooked up to IV.

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Most diabetics are somewhat under control (their sugar), but my friend has never been under control. Her doctors don’t know why and can’t seem to be able to control it either. At one point a few years back she went into the hospital because she was sick and they ended up keeping her in there for another week and a half just to monitor her. She was on a strict diet and got the regular doses of insulin, and they still couldn’t control it. A few of the nurses have even said that “out of all their years of nursing, her diabetes is the worst. Her diabetes is the most out of control that they’ve ever seen”.
When a diabetic’s sugar is high, it’s called hypoglycaemia and when it is low it is called hyperglycaemia. It is more dangerous for a diabetic to be low than high.

When a diabetic is low they have seizures and can go into a coma. They hallucinate and have no feeling in some parts of their body like their arms, legs, fingers and face. Diabetics have a lot of problems with their circulation and with their eye sight. They have to be very careful about what they eat and how much insulin they take. If they cheat too much on their diet it can cause serious problems further on in their life like kidney and liver problems, amputation because of lack of circulation and so on.

Just this year my friend was absent from school for one week, for some reason the doctors can’t explain why, but it was because her sugar was so low that she couldn’t take any insulin at all for one whole week and she was eating full meals every two hours. She had to be tested every two hours to make sure that she wasn’t going into a coma. She eventually got admitted into the hospital and it took the doctors ten hours to get her sugar up. They had her hooked up to and IV that was pumping liquid glucose into her system all the time and they were also feeding her. She gained 10 pound just from one weekend of living like that. Right now her sugar is somewhat normal compared to that episode. Her sugar is constantly up and down for now reason that anyone can come up with.

How does it effect her psychologically? Well first of all when a diabetics sugar is really high it makes them very tired and also when its very low. That is why she is always tired because her sugar is always up and down and out of control and it is a very big strain on her system. When her sugar is high it also tends to make her a bit agitated and moody. When her sugar is low she is very emotional and mellow. But if it is really low then she gets giddy and when it is normal she gets very hyper and happy. Hence why a lot of people say she has a lot of mood swings.

How does it effect her academically? Well when she is sick she misses a lot of school and it can sometimes be very hard to catch back up. She tries her best and does pretty well at it. Quite a few times her mom or dad has had to come pick her up from school because she hasn’t been feeling well because her sugar was either high or low.

A diabetic shouldn’t be over weight because it is harder to control their blood sugar. They should be a proportional weight to their height. It is also very dangerous for a diabetic to be extremely over weight.

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