Research Proposal on Malnutrition

is the condition of the human body, the condition of the half-hungry existence of the human being caused by the problem of insufficient consumption of food.

Most often malnutrition is associated with the shortage of the microelements and vitamins which are required by the human organism and this shortage is caused by the absence of the right products in the ration. The World Health Organization treats malnutrition as the most serious and dangerous problem which threats the existence of humanity. The only help with the problem of malnutrition is the improvement of food consumption. The problem of malnutrition is quite common in poor third world countries, where the economic growth is very low. These countries exist only due to the international aid and without the international attention the problem would be even more serious. Nowadays everybody knows about the starvation in Africa, caused by the unfavourable climatic conditions and other factors and the problem of insufficient food consumption is quite urgent there.

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Malnutrition is the general term which embraces a great number of disorders and diseases which appear because of the poor quality food consumption. For example, such problems as avitaminosis, the shortage of protein, vitamins (especially vitamin C) and microelements are connected with malnutrition.

Naturally, malnutrition is also observed in the developed countries among the people who have to follow diets and suffer from the unhealthy food consumption (mainly fast food) and obesity. The effects of malnutrition are very serious, because the condition causes numerous disorders, the human productiveness falls; the person is depressed and irritated, because hunger is probably the most terrible factor for the human being.

Malnutrition is a serious problem which has to be solved rapidly, because it is obvious that the problem is shameful in the 21st century paying attention to the human opportunities and success in such spheres as agriculture, genetic engineering, food modification, etc. The student is expected to research the problem on malnutrition effectively and share his own ideas about the solution of this problem. One should brainstorm his personal research approach towards the problem and observe it from the alternative side demonstrating knowledge and creativity and convincing the professor in the quality of the generated topic.

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Custom research proposal on Malnutrition


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