Research Proposal on Curriculum Development

Curriculum development is the process which is characterized with the creation of the appropriate curriculum which would be convenient for students and teachers from the point of view of time management and psychological peculiarities of the human organism.

Curriculum development is a common problem in every educational institution, because the teaching staff is working hard to select the right subjects which would fit into the timetable and influence the child’s development positively. The main difficulty of the proper matching of subjects is the child’s age. Experts think about the right age when the young person becomes ready to learn chemistry, physics, languages, etc. and the peculiarities of the child’s development influence the choice of the subjects seriously.

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The process of curriculum development consists of five major steps. The first one is analysis. The commission and the board of teachers think about the tasks which they have to fulfill and what they need to do to achieve it (analysis of the child’s progress). The second step is design. Teachers analyze the amount of the material which should be presented to the child and establish the amount of the working hours. The next step is selection or match.

Having chosen the subjects and the hours, the teachers decide what teaching strategy and methods to select in order to achieve the best results. Then, the commission approves the curriculum with the number of subjects and hours creating the right order of the disciplines and distributing the subjects along the whole week. Finally, the last step is the review step which is supposed to check whether the curriculum is made in the right way and whether the students are capable of covering the whole amount of information delivered there.

The topic about curriculum development can be useful to every student, who is going to create teaching career or who sees himself as a psychologist. The student should remember that a research proposal is the assignment which requires creativity, knowledge and sober mind. The student has to persuade the professor that the topic is really worthy, so he can generate an interesting research project about the improvement of the process of curriculum development. One can enumerate the major points which require research and present the list of the methods which will be used to reach to this aim.

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