Research Proposal on Effects of Unemployment

The Effects of Unemployment research proposal:

Unemployment is the phenomenon which is characterized with the lack of opportunities for people to find the appropriate job to make for their living. Unfortunately, the problem of unemployment can not be solved once for all and even the most developed countries have at least several percents of the unemployed people who are looking for a job.

Unemployment is a serious problem which affects people badly. First of all the lack of job reduces the financial background of the unemployed person, because she does not receive salary and the income reduces seriously or disappears at all.

Unemployment causes many problems which have psychological, social and political impact. The unemployed person lives in the constant stress, because she tries to find a job but fails and this situation affects the human psychics and self-esteem negatively.

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Many people start to look for the way out in alcohol and drug abuse believing that the condition of oblivion can help them forget about the troubles of the real life. In addition, the social life of the unemployed is also damaged. The person loses the means of self-development, the relations with family and friends become tense and very often such people remain alone and treated like losers. The lack of the constant work affects the individual’s qualification. With the run of time he loses his professional skills and knowledge and it becomes even more complicated to find a job. If the country suffers from economic crisis, the high level of unemployment can cause political and social problems. People start striking, demanding job and economic reforms and sometimes the unemployed are the ones who can be called the major force of revolutions.

There are many effects of unemployment and the student who is going to dwell on the problem deeper is supposed to study the problem from all sides. The proposal is supposed to inform the professor about the student’s idea concerning the research of the problem, the approach towards the discussion of the topic, etc. One should demonstrate the most important questions required for the research and the best methods and sources applied for the analysis of the effects of unemployment. The proposal is supposed to be logical and informative and reflect the student’s ambitions and the level of knowledge.

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