Persuasive Essay on Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the kinds of dementia, which attacks every 20th person above 65 years old.

The disease was called after the name of Alois Alzheimer, who was a psychiatrist and neuropathologist from Germany. There are types of the disease which attack the people of the younger age. The grey matter of the human brain is damaged and the patient’s long-term and short-term memory are seriously weakened.

Furthermore, the human intellectual abilities reduce rapidly and the person can not think, evaluate the events around her and finally she loses the opportunity to learn.

Alzheimer’s disease has always existed in the human society because the experts of Ancient Greece and Rome compared the human elderly period with the loss of memory and intellectual abilities. In fact, the first profound research on the issue occurred only at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Alzheimer’s disease consists of several stages which differ from their complexity. The first stage is called pre-dementia. The first symptoms are often confused with the natural traits of biological aging or the reaction to stress. The person fails to learn new information and the first losses of memory are observed. The next stage is early dementia which is characterized by the further loss of memory, poverty of the personal vocabulary and awkwardness. Moderate dementia is associated with the further loss of vocabulary and usage of the inappropriate words in order to substitute the forgotten ones. Moreover, the person loses reading and writing abilities, requires care and constant attention, etc.

Advanced dementia is the final stage of Alzheimer’s disease, which is characterized by the total loss of energy, weight, helplessness. The patient can not survive without attention and dies because of the third factors (pneumonia, etc) but not because of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious disease which requires attention because of its attacks not only the elderly people but the younger ones. The student is asked to present his own point of view about Alzheimer’s disease, the factors which cause it and the effects of the disease on the patient and his family. One can prepare a convincing essay which focuses on the influence of the disease on the social life and difficulties of taking care of such patients.

The student should attract the reader’s attention to the relevance of this problem and support the opinion with the trustworthy evidence.

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