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Air Powered Car Research Paper

Air powered car is a vehicle that uses compressed air to move.

To write a good research paper on air powered car you should use free sample research paper, which will help you to understand that the idea of ??using compressed air to move the vehicle was patented back in 1799. However, the first attempt in practice were recorded later. This idea could put into practice only after the creation of durable containers for compressed air. In 1865, Ivan Alexandrovsky, self-taught engineer, along with an engine engineer Baranowski built a submarine, which worked on compressed air. The boat uses two pneumatic motor-driven propeller, with capacity of 117 horse power each. The air was stored in 200 cast iron cylinders, with a total volume of 6 m3, at the pressure reached 100 atm.

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Furthermore, the air was used for blowing the main ballast tanks. This air supply, according to the inventor, was to provide a three-hour voyage. To replenish it, the air compressor has been provided. Also, the exhaust air was used for breathing inside the boat. However, despite a series of successful tests in 1871, the submarine sank.

In 1879, in the French town of Nantes on the line of public transport a trolley was used moved by an engine running on compressed air. In 1932, the first experimental car with this type of engine was presented in Los Angeles.

However, at the time when environmental pollution was not particularly a problem, and oil prices were as high as they are today, air could not compete with gasoline.

And now, after three quarters of a century, when environmentalists constantly repeated on the pollution of the environment, the idea of an engine running on air re-discovered by French engineer Guy Negre, developing launchers for aircraft engines and motors for the Formula One bolides.

The principle of this engine operation is as follows. Pre-compressed air is fed into the small cylinder, wherein it is further compressed to a pressure of 20 bar and thereby heated to a temperature of 400 degrees. After, the already hot air is directed into the chamber, which a cooled compressed air also under the pressure is pumped to. The resulting mixture is heated and expanded dramatically, increasing the pressure in a large cylinder. The pressure pushes the piston thus moving the crankshaft.

Almost like an internal combustion engine.

Negre called his engine Zero Pollution.

In 2000, at the exhibition Auto Africa Expo2000, a French company MDI (Motor Development International) presented a ready-to-output motor vehicle with the engine created by Gaia Negre. It was declared that the vehicle was capable to cover around 200 km with a speed up to 130 km/h. The reservoirs for compressed air with a volume of 300 liters were located at the bottom of the car. The cost of such a trip for the owner should about 30 cents, according to the vehicle developers.

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