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Area 51 Research Paper:

Area 51 is the unofficial name of a U.S. military base belonging to the U.S. Air Force, located in Lincoln County, Nevada on the bottom of Groom Dry Lake in the Nevada desert about 200 miles north of Las Vegas. Activities in the area are surrounded by the strictest confidentiality and probably therefore spawned many conspiracy theories concerning this place.

The area goes by several names, including :

  • Nellis Test Range (official name of the testing area, whose part Area 51 is)
  • Dreamland (usually this name is used by pilots for identifying the prohibited airspace)
  • Groom Dry Lake (the name of the place on the map)

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Groom Lake is a dry lake bed, and the area applied is therefore ideal for the construction of takeoff and landing runways for aircraft. Area 51 became well known during the so-called Manhattan Project, in which the Nevada desert were divided into areas for the testing of nuclear weapons. The area where the Groom Lake is located was given a number 51. The area, where Area 51 is located, is 89 square kilometers and is closed off to the public. Worth noting is also the longest of the runways at the base, which is 7.6 km long. It is known that at Area 51, the testing of secret aircrafts have taken place. Among others, the tests of spy plan Lockheed U- 2 Dragon Lady and the Lockheed SR -71 Blackbird were run there.

The community closest to Area 51 is named Rachel. It lives largely by the tourism that has its origin in all myths of Area 51. The road to Rachel, Highway 375, is officially dubbed “Extraterrestrial Highway.”

Surrounding area has spun numerous conspiracy theories and myths. The U.S. authorities have for many years denied that there even exists a military installation there. Until 26 October 1994, when two workers sued the base and claimed that they had developed cancer after being ordered to burn radioactive waste in an open burn pit on the base, authorities found it best to admit that the base actually exists.

Area 51 is best known due to assertions that there must have been UFO activity. Rumors said that the military kept crashed UFOs there along with captured and killed aliens. It is also alleged that the Americans even collaborated with aliens, and that Area 51 was then supposed to be the base on the earth for the implementation of an exchange program between aliens and humans. This program allegedly implied an exchange of biological samples in the form of people for alien technology.

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