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Betty Friedan, born Bettye Naomi Goldstein (Peoria, Illinois), February 4 1921 – died Washington DC, February 4 2006) was a Jewish-American feminist, social activist and publicist.

Friedan was in her adolescence an active Marxist and radical Jewish activist. Already on the campus of the High School Smith College where she studied, they gave Friedan her own newspaper. She has not completed her psychology study at the University of Berkeley in California. Shortly thereafter she became a journalist for leftist and union magazines. In 1947 she married Carl Friedan, whom she would divorce in 1967.

If you are trying to write a descent research paper on Betty Friedan you have to know that when she was pregnant with her second child in 1952 she was fired because of her pregnancy. This experience gave her a life course. In 1958, she met at a reunion her former classmates from her high school, of whom she systematically noted down the life experiences. Because she noticed how many female classmates career was prematurely terminated, she wrote about an article for a newspaper, which was refused for publication even after numerous rewrites. Then she decided to use the material as a basis for a book.

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In 1963, she wrote The Feminine Mystique which was a pioneering feminist work. The first printing was 1.3 million copies and became the best-selling book of that year. The book describes the role of a woman in labor segregation weaned by industrial society: the housewife existence, and the numbness that come with that role is the housewife syndrome. This bestseller is generally regarded as the beginning of the second wave of feminism. She introduced herself in the book as a normal housewife who had come to the realization that this role was unsatisfactory for women. Later, the American researcher Daniel Horowitz wrote an extensive and very well-received biography, in which he argues that Friedan never actually was a regulation housewife. She was a long time working and after her marriage she continued to work as a freelance journalist. In the Europe, the article The discomfort in women (1967) in The Directory of Jane Smith is a direct derivative of this book.

In 1966, Betty Friedan founded the National Organization for Women (NOW), and in 1969 together with Bernard Nathanson and Larry Charger she founded the pressure group NARAL, which strove to eliminate the criminalization of abortion in the United States.

Today NARAL strives to maintain it.

Friedan is also known by a shocking television confrontation with Norman Mailer at that time regarded as the conscience of America.

Afterwards, she remained active into old age as a feminist and helped establish many women’s organizations or chair. Unlike Nathanson, she remained very active in the pro-abortion movement. She died at her home on her 85th birthday to a cardiac arrest.

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