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Astral Projection Research Paper

Astral projection (also out-of-body experience or, preferably, in believer circles, astral travel) is a controversial interpretation of an out of body experience that usually occur or is achieved in a hypnagogia state or through dreams, deep meditation or drugs. Supporters of astral projection believe that their consciousness or soul has moved to an astral body, which is in a parallel world known as the astral plane. There are also those who say that they simply have experienced this or what they interpret as something similar, but for the sake of wanting to call themselves followers of a belief in astral projection.

To write a good research paper on astral projection must know that Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) has many features in common with Near-Death-Experience (NDE). The most well-known experts in the field of astral projection are Robert Monroe and Robert Bruce, who have both written several books on the subject. There is also a pair of scientists who have been doing it – Raymond A. Moody and the Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

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The idea of astral projection is often associated with the New Age Movement.

Astral projection is not modern. Even the ancient Egyptians studied the phenomenon.

Modern science has studied the subject but has been unable to come to any clear conclusions. The only thing you can have accessed are stories of people who experienced it, and this may not be qualified as evidence in the scientific sense. The biological science has concluded that the pineal gland in the brain may be linked to this kind of experiences. This gland is also called popularly the “soul’s habitation.” There have also been extensive studies in hospitals where people sometimes have near-death experiences. When patients had got out-of-body experiences during critical operations as they testified that they could “float around” in the room and witness the work of the surgeon during the operation. They also narrated afterwards as what they were wearing, what they were doing and exactly who was in the room. According to surveys, almost everyone who has been outside the body experienced similar scenarios. Researchers find it difficult to explain how the brain could dream up the experiences. Those who claim to have been outside the body often say they felt like they “slept and woken up” and that they “felt more alive than they did in real life.” Millions of people worldwide are calculated each year to experience being outside the body.

Supporters of astral projection believe it is to the astral plane you go when you die. In this dimension, they believe, most of consciousness and thought are controlled, with which one can affect the environment in a significant way. One can communicate through telepathy, traveling at the speed of thought, and create things with the power of thought. These astral travelers usually consider love to be the strongest energy on this plane. Those who have experienced astral projection, even atheists, are often less afraid of death and get a better understanding of life.

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