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Research Paper on Factors Affecting Study Habits

The study habits of students are affected by many factors: their financial status, state of their health, their age, marital status, undergraduate level, self-organization skills, their ability for planning and monitoring their activities (mainly training), right career choice, form of training (full-time, evening, part-time, distance, etc.), the existence of tuition fees and their amount, organization of educational process at the educational institution and its material base, their teachers and support staff qualification, the prestige of the educational institution and, finally, the individual psychological characteristics of students.

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Why some students work a lot and are willing to master new knowledge and professional skills, and encountered obstacles only add them energy and desire to achieve the goal, while others do everything as they would do it for someone else, and the emergence of any insignificant barriers drastically reduces their activity until the destruction of their training process? Such differences can be observed with the same external conditions of training activities (socioeconomic status, organization, and methodical maintenance of educational process, the qualifications of the teacher, etc.). In explaining this phenomenon, psychologists and teachers most often appeal to such individual-psychological features as the level of intelligence of students (the ability to acquire knowledge, skills and apply them to successfully solve tasks); creativity (the ability to produce new knowledge); learning motivation, providing strong positive experiences in achieving educational goals; high self esteem, leading to the formation of the high level of claims, etc. However, each of these qualities by themselves, or even a combination of them is not sufficient to guarantee that the student will have the ability for persistent and hard work to master the knowledge and professional skills in a fairly frequent or prolonged setbacks that are inevitable in any complex operations. Each teacher can provide examples of their pedagogical practices when a very capable and creative student with high (and sometimes inappropriately high) self-esteem with initially strong academic motivation, broke up when he faced serious difficulties in some form of training, and ceased to progress, while far less gifted students successfully overcame these difficulties and eventually achieved much more.

Most authors consider high self-esteem and self-confidence and ambitions important positive factors of student success. Unconfident student frequently fails to take up the challenges and acknowledges his defeat beforehand.

The temperament is individual combination of sustainable human emotional characteristics that define his typical way of behavior and emotional response in certain circumstances. It defines energy (strength and speed) side activities and typical human choices, ways to achieve goals. It is formed in vivo based on personal development and environmental factors. It does not influence directly the success of training, but may create difficulties or be supportive of training depending on the organizational forms, methods of teaching, teacher’s pedagogical style.

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