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Research Paper on Family Systems Theory

An American psychiatrist Murray Bowen in a publication in 1966 explained that “family is a system because changes in one part of it conduce to the compensatory changes in another.” In this regard family systems are similar to well-known natural systems, such as a cardiovascular system. In 1975, Bowen added his own name to the initial name of Family Systems Theory, to avoid inaccuracy in the general use of the word “system.”

Use free sample research paper on the topic to learn that Family Systems Theory by Bowen and General Systems Theory have much in common, however, originated from different sources. General Systems Theory got its beginning from the comprehension of the mathematics and cybernetics development results. Family Systems Theory is based on the actual knowledge drawn from watching human family. The interactive features in the family functioning are foremost distinguished in classic approach to the systems, and the theory by Bowen focuses on the emotional functioning of a family.

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Extending prospects, Bowen tried to see system tasks that control emotional behaviour of a person. He believed that the science dealing with man would be able to take the deserving place among other natural sciences. Therefore, he spared the special attention to the terms that were used in the description of his work. The lexicon of the Bowen’s theory is mainly taken from biology and used with a similar or identical semantic value.

The base supposition, directing the researche, was an idea that the emotional diseases have biological roots. Dissatisfied by the generally accepted explanations of emotional disorders, Bowen independently tried to find an answer for a question: what are emotional disorders? He noticed that the attempts to find logical answers had brought yet more insoluble questions. You can use as an example well-known idea that emotional disorders are the result of maternal deprivation.

However, the circumstance that some people experienced deprivation fell ill, and other, getting through yet prepotent deprivation, nevertheless, remained quite healthy, remains obscure. A psychoanalytic theory aimed to explain emotional disorders as a result of relations between parents and a child, within one generation, did not explain how such serious problems can arise so quickly.

All these reflections urged Bowen on the further study of evolution, biology and natural sciences in search of the knowledge, which would lead him to more wide theoretical constructions, covering these questions. As a result, Bowen came to the conclusion that emotional disorders were concealed in those parts of man that he shared with lower forms of life.

The series of the refined experiments on monkeys and lizards allowed to draw conclusion that more than twelve similar behaviour patterns are shared by napaceous and mammals.

These behaviour patterns include instincts of self-preservation and survival of species.

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