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Physical Science Research Paper

Physical science is totality of knowledge about natural objects, phenomena and processes. Physical science was formed before the formation of any separate natural sciences. It actively developed in the XVII-XIX centuries. The first scientists engaged in physical science or accumulation of primary knowledge about nature were named naturalists.

To learn more on the topic you may safely use free sample research papers on physical since from which you may learn that in a historical context, the association of concepts physical science and natural sciences is impermissible, as in the period of development of physical science natural sciences were not yet formed.

From the point of view of modern science, physical science is a scientific area, including totality of the natural sciences taken as unit.

The natural sciences are responsible for the study of the natural phenomena, unlike humanitarian and social sciences studying human society.

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The origin of physical science dates back about 3000 years. Then there was no division into physics, biology, geography. That were the philosophers who pursue sciences. With the development of trade and seagoing development of geography has begun, as well as astronomy necessary for navigation, and with development of technique is development of physics, chemistry.

The origin of natural sciences is related to the application of philosophical naturalism to scientific researches. Principles of naturalism require to study and use natural laws, not introducing in them the laws entered by a man, id est, except tyranny of human will.

In the period of late middle ages (XIV-XV), there was a gradual revision of the basic concepts on the ancient physical science, with prerequisites for the creation of new physical science, new physics, new astronomy, origin of scientific biology. Such revision is based, on one hand, on strengthening of critical attitude toward Aristotlism, and on the other hand, on the difficulties in resolution of those conflicts, which scholastic faced in logical, rational interpretation of substantive religious provisions and dogmas.

Quality changes happened both in kinematics and in dynamics. In kinematics medieval scholastics introduced the concepts of speed, velocity, and uniformly accelerated motion.

The dynamic theory of impetus got considerable development in the epoch of late middle ages that was a bridge, connecting the dynamics of Aristotle with the dynamics of Galilei.

Jean Buridan (XIV century) postulated the notion of motive force, which he named impetus.

Fundamental sciences arising out of physical science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Geography, Geology. Then, at the joints of these sciences appeared such sciences as a Geophysics, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Physical chemistry, Chemical physics, Geochemistry, Meteorology, Climatology, and Soil science. In addition, the applied sciences appeared, such as agricultural chemistry, ecology, chemical technology, mountain business, etc.

Mathematics is united with logic in the complex of formal sciences and is not included in natural sciences, as their methodology substantially differs from methodology of natural sciences. On the same reason, greater part of modern informatics can hardly be taken to natural sciences. The researches, sanctified to treatment of information in the wild, brain and society, are distinguished in the special division of natural informatics.

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