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Research Paper on Health Care Ethics

The principles of observance by the doctors of professional mastery and bases of morality are of enormous significance for our society. Ethics is to an equal measure applicable to any activity, including health care that by the virtue of its professional belonging is an integral part of our society.

If you are looking to write a decent research paper on health care ethics, it is important to profoundly understand every aspect of this multi-faceted phenomenon as well as its origin and history. It seems very helpful to us free sample research paper to learn that the history of health care ethics is begun with the Oath of Hippocrates. Even though it was certainly only a conditional limit, the Oath became a systemically important beginning of the health care as the only science, which moral principles are qualificatory for its setting and ultimate goal. Because, if not for a man, not for the care about his health and fight against his illnesses, even death, there is no such thing that people so many centuries with respect have been calling medicine.

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The Oath became the unique systemically important beginning of spiritually moral health care activity. The descendants repeatedly undertook the attempts to define moral responsibility of a doctor: in the Spiritual medicine by al-Razi (also known as Rasis or Rhazes), the Oath of Hippocrates, and Doctor’s prayer by Mimonide. However, presently these attempts have only historical interest and nothing else.

What is the exit from this situation: a legislative definition of the limit, breaking which health care workers will bear the responsibility (administrative, criminal, etc.) or a total abolition of the concept of the respectful and humanistic approach? There is still no clear answer to this question.

The observance of human and citizen rights and providing of the guarantees related to these is the basic principle of health care ethics. Appeal of a citizen in need for medical help to the medical institution is his unalienable right. The duty of medical personnel is to ensure the reception, examination of a patient, determine a correct diagnosis, providing of the proper quality treatment. On each of these stages, the patient has to contact plenty of medical personnel, which requires the strict observance of certain ethic norms. The patient has the right for humanistic and respectful attitude from the medical and attendant personnel.

However, the mechanism of realization and estimation of this right has found no reflection in any normatively legal act. Unfortunately, it is necessary to state that on a today’s moment there are no real methods of estimation of ethicness of doctor behavior, envisaged legislatively, and there is no single organ carrying out ethic examination, although the attempts of developing the concept of ethics are constantly undertaken in medicine.

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