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Positive Thinking Research Paper

Positive thinking and the patterns are revealed in 3D modeling. The surrounding world, objects, and our ideas, concepts are also three dimensional.

The volume as a whole is formed only through positive signs in parts (the ratio of parts to a whole). Only the volume can have dimensions.

Therefore, positive thinking is a natural process of life, harmony with the outside world, maintaining its standards in the consciousness and organization of all the processes in life.

All patterns are denoted in the normative psychology, regulatory management, and normative psychoanalysis.

To write a successful research paper on positive thinking you should know that it is a concept used in the workshops on motivational and personal development, as well as in the correspondent literature. The synonyms of the term are “new thinking,” “right thinking,” “power thinking,” or “mental positivism.” Positive thinking is not associated with positive psychology.

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The method of “positive thinking” assumes that the person applying it by a permanent positive impact of informed thinking (for example, by using affirmations or meditative visualizations) achieves in his thoughts some constructive and optimistic mood and thus increases his satisfaction and quality of life.

In some writings on the topic, the faith is central. In this case, it is not primarily about religious and transcendent ideas, and is about the conviction that the things that a person believes to be “real,” tend to come true. Often, however, it is hard to distinguish the transition to esoterism.

Ideologically the method of positive thinking shows itself as a deconstruction of false or non-existent negative reality and its impacts arising as a result of the false representations or monistic/esoteric sense, positive/correct use of “of the Cosmic Law” While the specialized groups and communities consider positive thinking primarily as a method of recovery, the popular literature offers it as a helper in life, promising to maximize the readers income, health, and happiness. Numerous tricks are to maintain mental optimism (a positive quote in the calendar cell; short phrase by the phone; subliminal messages with subthreshold influence).

Often the positive thinking principles are used by authors of business and educational literature (Robert Kiyosaki), as well as business-coaches and exponents of the positive thinking in relation to different sets of technologies, close in spirit to the life hacking and practices designed to bring constructive and creative content in the working and business processes.

Despite the fact that the concept of positive thinking is criticized and seen as not quite efficient, modern neuroscience has indications that the everyday way of thinking has a medium-and long-term effects on brain activity. In addition, to achieve short-term therapeutic effect, such as pain relief, finds the use of suggestion and autosuggestion.

The use of positive thinking is problematic when the culprit of unhappiness and suffering is the man himself. The social components of the human condition this very individual method leaves out of consideration.

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