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Healthy eating is possibly the most salubrious diet plan, which would be conductive to good health. From the scientific point of view, healthy eating is a matter of proper health-diet usually limited to general guidelines, which define how many nutrients should be consumed by people of a certain age and the particular mode of life.

The latest medical and biological research shows that such a plan or system are not subject to individual variation among people, their lifestyle, cultural background and availability of certain food products.

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Research has shown that well-balanced nutrition plan can both reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and lower an already elevated blood pressure.

For the average person healthy eating means following a balanced diet, that is to say, to eat all the different food groups (such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, vegetable oils, and fats) in the right quantities. The diet should not be too strict, but moderate. A diet, which lacks any necessary nutrient and has insufficient number of calories can result in grave health problems and can cause serious diseases such as kwashiorkor and marasmus. An excess of nutrients is as detrimental as the lack of them. The imbalance between consumed and expended energy brings the increase in reserves of body fat, and thus overweight or obese. On the other hand, a low intake of vitamins and minerals can also lead to the emergence of different diseases.

It is agreed by many authorities that the main idea of the health eating is to set bounds to consumption of energy-dense foods and high-calorie beverages, eat vegetable food, not to overindulge in red and processed meat, limit alcohol. However, there is still no definite consensus on what healthy eating is.

In consideration of the above, writing a research paper on healthy eating can be quite a challenge. To understand all the intricacy of proper nutrition, you must have outstanding knowledge in many fields of science. It is necessary to see clearly about the correlation between healthy and balanced diet and the state of our body and mind, to understand how insufficient nutrition affects our body and what may be the consequences of an inadequate intake of vitamins. However, all these difficulties, which student has to overcome in order to write an excellent research project on healthy eating, make the task even more interesting and exciting.

Interesting research paper topics are always based on a serious preliminary work and differ both from a technical text and from journalistic articles. It has to be narrative and must present the results obtained. To write about specific facts, specific means have to be selected. To do this, college students must first familiarize themselves with free example research papers devoted to healthy eating, both theoretical and experimental, and reflect the results of theoretical, methodological and experimental research.

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