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Research Paper on Hunger in Africa

Over the past few decades catastrophes that have been associated with hunger have repeatedly occurred. In the mid-80s on the basis of extreme drought, as well as the political crisis in Ethiopia nearly 1 million people died, and in conjunction with the civil war, and even more. Later, after 10 years, the situation repeated itself, only the region has become much broader, and in 2006, Kenya and Djibouti joined the starving countries.

If you consult free sample research papers on hunger in Africa you will understand that the primary cause of the hunger is scarce during the rainy season because of which corny crops perish together with the cattle. The main rainy season falls in early spring, starts too late and is very unstable. In some areas, there are only 30% of the usual rainfall, and mortality among livestock there reaches 60%. The milk production, an important food for the children, severely decreases and the prices of staple foods reach a record high.

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In addition to the droughts, there are also military conflicts, mediocre or non-existent policies. For Africa, there is no concept of stability. If today, one of the countries became leaders on economic indicators, it is absolutely no guarantee that tomorrow the state does not plunge into the abyss of social problems.

Something similar happened in Zimbabwe, the former “breadbasket” of Africa. A country that for many years all over the world showed enviable results in economic and social standards, in a moment slipped to the bottom of the world rankings.

Africa is suffering from hunger, and the whole world goes out of their way trying to help her. However, few people realize that Africa is a Klondike, which is full of rich natural resources, able to make this continent the most secured and prosperous land. However, the sympathetic world community adopts a law that states that only those who have the technical means, can own the wealth, i.e., the developed countries. Every day from the African continent huge amounts of resources are exported, the price of which trillions of dollars. Paradox, is not it?

The main problem is that the indigenous people of Africa do not want to play a major role in the social, political and economic life is banal because the sympathetic West cannot educate them and show them the possibility of their land. This implies a global lack of investment in agriculture, constant warfare, as well as uncontrolled AIDS epidemic. Any investment is impossible without the support of the state and the economic program. Any war has a protracted nature, lack of medicine and education is not because of the beliefs of tribes and cultural prejudice, but because of the interest of the West in the continuation of these items.

But the most disgusting version of the causes of hunger is the food aid to penetrate the market in poor countries. In order to assist hungry people, they tend to allocate finances for which the World Food Organization would be able to buy the local harvest, supporting the local population, as well as saving him from starvation. However, it is the United States insists on sending the aid. The authorities say that in this way they are expanding market for American products, and the aid is given not to those who need it, and those who shows the ability to become a commodity market. For this reason, the Philippines have much more support than Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia, suffering from a lack of food.

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