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Computer Design Language Term Paper

Computer design language is the formal sign system used for the writing of computer programs. Programming language defines the set of lexical, syntactic and semantic rules which define the general view of the program and the set of actions which can be fulfilled by the computer under its assistance. Since the origin of the first computers, the humanity has invented more than eight thousand of programming languages (including abstract and non-standard languages).

Some languages are used by the narrow circle of programmers and developers, while other languages are so popular that are used by millions of programmers all over the world. A common professional programmer uses more than ten computer design languages in his every day work. The main function of computer design languages is to write the computer programs which are used by the computer in the form of the instructions for the fulfilment of the definite operations.

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The main difference between programming languages and natural languages is that the first are aimed at the supply of commands and data from the human being to the machine (human – machine communication); while natural languages are used for the interpersonal human communication. The majority of programming languages are of the imperative character, because the aim of every program is to command the machine to fulfill the chosen task. When the computer design language becomes popular and widespread in the world, it becomes standardized for the improvement of cooperation between the programmers from different countries. The standard of the language enables experts to focus on the improvement of the programs and their abilities reducing the attention to the applied language.

Computer design language is the machine language used for writing computer programs and the young people who are interested in programming are expected to learn about these systems more and demonstrate their knowledge in a term paper. The student should dwell on the functions, types and aims of computer design languages in order to learn about their structure, aspects of their work, etc. One is able to focus on the variety of the languages and think about their pluses and minuses and evaluating the effectiveness of the current standardized popular programming languages. In the end one can summarize the received information and share his personal ideas on computer design languages and their future.

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