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Research Paper on Interior Design

Interior design describes procedures that deal with all aspects of the interior, room layout, form, light (both artificial and natural), and equipment. Interior design combines art and industrial design. Designer optimizes interior decoration, improves navigation in large premises, and designs the decoration of specialized facilities (such as recording studios, film editing rooms, photo labs, water parks, etc.) according to customers’ requests. Designer manages the entire process of interior design, from space planning, lighting, ventilation, acoustics, wall finishing, to the furniture arrangement and installation of navigation marks.

Today, the interior designer training is equivalent to the training of architects, urban or landscape architect and is a Master’s degree program. Previously, the interior designer was able work only after the architect had designed the building. Now both building and interior construction are more and more combined. Such approach allows greater unity.

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The interior designer disposes various styles that have developed in different historical periods. The same room, for example, a conference room, can be decorated ??in different styles: high-tech, Romanesque, modernism, and so on. List of interior styles is broader than those of architectural. Interior design begins with a design project – a set of documents that describe the functionality and design solutions. They include drawings and descriptions of each room of the future interior parts, including finishing materials and the location of communications. By the drawings and plans, the interior designer prepares models and 3D visualizations helping to create a clear picture of the future dwelling for the client and the workers.

Nowadays, interior design has become the important part of the general design of the building. It disposes great instruments for implementing most incredible ideas and solutions. College and university students, who are interested in writing their research paper on interior design have to analyze carefully all the aspects of this new, increasingly popular discipline. It is critically important to present all the trends and schools of the modern interior design. It is also necessary to consider thoroughly technical side of the matter in order to indicate the key solutions for the residential or other environment. In conclusion, the investigators are obliged to tell about the last tendencies in this sector and present their idea on the phenomenon.

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