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Jackie Robinson (born Jack Roosevelt Robinson; 31 January 1919 Care, Georgia, USA – 24 October 1972, Stamford, Connecticut, USA) – American baseball player, the first Afro-American player in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the XX century.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia and grew up in Pasadena, California, where he became famous thanks to the outstanding athletic performance in high school and college. During his learning years in the University of California at Los Angeles (1939-1941), he won a good reputation in baseball, basketball, football, track and field. Jackie had to left the college to support his mother. However, in 1941, he became professional player with the Los Angeles Bulldogs’ Pacific League. During World War II, Jackie went into the army. He returned a lieutenant in 1945.

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Throughout his career of Jackie Robinson played for the “Brooklyn” (1947-1956). There, he set a record for fielding, betting, and has become an expert of the base taking. Soon after his debut in MLB, other African-American athletes received an opportunity to become the major league players. Robinson’s name entered in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. At the 50-year anniversary of his debut in the league, April 15, 1997 all the teams of Major League Baseball as a sign of respect for his achievements secured Robinson’s number (“42”).

Throughout the 1960s, Robinson was active member of the Civil Rights Movement. He also became the first Afro-American television analyst in MLB. In the 1960s, Robinson helped found the Freedom National Bank in Harlem, New York. For his achievements outside the baseball field Robinson was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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