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Research Paper on Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal nursing is an activity providing nursing care to children from birth to adolescence. It provides the expertise to assess the physical, psychological development and health state of a child in the family and environmental context. Neonatal nursing assists parents and families to exercise their parental duties and carries out treatment and special care for ill or premature infants. It provides support in the situations when children need social and health diagnostic, which is important for the implementation of a health care and education project leading to the autonomy of the child and his family.

The mission of a neonatal nurse is to contribute to the development of the child, promoting their autonomy and socialization through the implementation and monitoring the actions of care, arousal, and gives a support to the child parents. It also provides supports and cares for the sick baby and supports the family in various educational aspects, carries out tasks of child protection and health promotion, and contributes to the social integration of children with disabilities and the fight against exclusion.

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To compose a good research project on neonatal nursing, first thing you have to know is that a normal research paper typically consists of several parts. In the introductory part of your research paper, you should ground the relevance of the chosen subject, define the problem of the research, and offer a new solution. An introduction usually consists of two-four sentences, which aim to outline the problem area of ??research, the specific proposals of the applicant and their effectiveness in implementation.

The main part of the paper describes the research methods used, analyzes, and summarizes the results of scientific research. This part usually takes 80-90% of the paper.

In the main part of your paper, you have to consider critically previous researches on the subject with the obligatory reference to the literature. You must explain in detail the course of your scientific research and describe the interim results. In addition to that, the main part of the paper contains the description of the scientific novelty of your proposals.

In the conclusion of your paper, you have to bring up a conclusion and recommendations, which should be delivered in response to the introductory part of the problem. In the conclusion of a scientific article describes why and for whom research project was made. Moreover, you have to indicate social or economic benefits that can be obtained using this proposed solution in practice.

If you need to have an example of a good research paper, you may want to consider a few free sample research proposals on different neonatal nursing topics. They can guide you through the complex process of proper scientific writing and give some ideas for your future researches.

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