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Research Paper on Labour Welfare

Labor Welfare Research Paper:

Labour welfare remains to be a critical factor of a business development, it can be described as measures aimed to ensure welfare of worker’s as well as to improve the quality of their live. These measures usually do not include financial bounces and employers are not the only part ensuring this type of compensation and encouraging.

Governmental and private agencies as well as trade unions are involved in this important activity. It must be mentioned, that such processes as globalization, mechanization, or Industrialization have a serious impact on recognizing the necessity of the labour welfare in business development.

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This type of social ensuring is related to everything that is intended to help working stuff ensure its well)being and as consequence an ability to provide more integral and creative approach to its working functionality; Labour welfare is aimed on keeping the employees motivation and morale at the high level so that they be able to improve their work efficiency. As it has been said, such a policy do not usually implies material compensation or money benefits. It is more about control of appropriate conditions at the work place, ensuring high level of employee productivity through the development of the health care infrastructure, working relations, and providing a social policy including unemployment, accident, or health insurance for the employees and their families. All the potential of such employer’s activity is directed on ensuring the workers need in certain services and facilities in addition to salaries or wages.

The necessity of labour welfare in economic and business development is acknowledged globally.

Before you started to write your research proposal on labour welfare, it is highly recommended to start with a plan of research paper. Having a plan will allow to achieve flawless presentation, to avoid logical gaps, and greatly simplify your task. Good plan is a significant part of the success.

As the structure of the presentation, especially for novice writers, we can suggest the following: “Thesis” – “argument” – “Consequence” (T-A-C). This structure clearly, consistently reveals the material you want to apply in your paper.

As the “Thesis” you can use a statement. You can use the fact of scientific novelty as your statement. “Thesis” is an introduction article, it accounts for approximately 20% of the article.

In the main part of your paper you have to express the arguments of your thesis and describe the studies, experiments, calculations, etc. Here you can use a lot of quotes from other sources, show the calculations, formulas, and links to the literature sources of – all this shows the depth your investigation study of the issue under study. On this part of the accounts for about 60% of your research proposal.

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