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Louis Armstrong appeared on stage at a time when the black jazz expressed the sentiments of all mankind. This outstanding musician had an undoubted gift to revive a song and create a memorable stage persona so that the song once sounded in his performance, once and for all became associated with a scenic way of Louis Armstrong and beyond could not exist.

Louis Daniel “Setchmo” Armstrong was born into a poor family. His father left the family early and Louis with his sister was raised by their grandmother. Only latter his mother took him back, but did not pay much attention to his upbringing. All his childhood Louis worked shipping coal, selling newspapers to make money for food.

At the age of seven, he was sheltered by Jewish family that moved to the U.S. from Lithuania. At first, they just hired him for work, but latter they have adopted him. The new family gave small Louis their warmth and care. Later they bought him his first trumpet for him to develop his musical talents.

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Armstrong made his first performances in local clubs under the auspices of King Oliver. Later, he named him his teacher. For several years it has grown into a cool jazz musician and became known by his nickname Setchmo, it was given to him for his excellent ability to play a wind instrument.

At the age of 21, he moved to Chicago and put together his first band there. Three years letter, Louis Armstrong performed before wide audience, and released records. At the same time, he made the final decision and began to consider the trumpet not only as an instrument of his preference, but also as part of his image. Popularity of young musicians grew rapidly in the 30s.

At the peak of his career, it became more and more difficult for Armstrong to demonstrate his special technique of playing the trumpet, due to the scars caused by trumpet mouthpiece. This greatly reduced the quality of his playing and delivered Louis severe pain.

Gradually, the pain intensified and Louis had to sing more than to play. However, in 1958, doctors discovered that he had a disease of the vocal cords, which, most likely, and was the reason for his famous hoarseness. In medicine, this medical condition is called leukoplakia – Armstrong ligaments were covered with milky-white growths.

Dizzying career lasted until 1959, when he got a heart attack. After this, it was more difficult to play in full force, but he never stopped his musical career. July 6, 1971 Louis Armstrong died of heart failure.

Use free sample papers on Louis Armstrong and you will know that many critics of the 60’s called Armstrong performances “more of a circus performance than the real jazz.” However, the simple audience still liked the black setchmo, identifying it with the “real black jazz.”

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