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William Blake (1757–1827) was a painter and poet pre romantic from England.

Although regarded as a painter – he painted some oil paintings, preferring the watercolor, drawing, engraving, the lithography – he was mainly devoted to poetry. He is the author of a biblical visions inspired by prophetic works. His hallucinatory style was modern, which distinguished him from his peers, although his themes were classic.

He was the son of a hosier, and from childhood, showed amazing provisions for drawing and poetry. Aware of the atypical hypersensitive personality of their son, his parents sent him to an art school at the age of ten, where he composed his first poems. After becoming a student of James Basire, fourteen years old Black was commissioned to draw the antiquities of Westminster Abbey and other old buildings that did not fail to exercise a strong influence on his melancholic imagination.

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In 1782, he married Catherine Boucher, the daughter of gardener, whom he taught to read and write and who became his close assistant in his artistic achievements and was his constant support.

Too poor to cope with the cost of printing his works, he became his own publisher by engraving his writings on copper plates. Thus he published his Songs of Innocence, decorated with his drawings (1789, pet in-8), singular work, which success encouraged him to publish in the same form: Books of Prophecy (1791), Gates of Paradise (1793) America, a prophecy (1793, fol.) and Europe, a prophecy (1794, fol.).

At the same time, he was included in several exhibitions of the Royal Academy in allegorical, historical, and religious paintings. He published The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (quarto) satire of Heaven and Hell of Swedenborg in 1790. In 1797, he began an illustrated edition of his Nights of Young, which he left unfinished, then went to live in Felpham, with the poet William Hayley, making drawings for it, and some painting portraits, and returned to London only after three years. His forty drawings, engraved by Schiavonetti for the publishing of the poem The Grave (1808 gr. quarto) by Blair, were much admired, as well as its high print the Canterbury Pilgrimage (1809).

In the meantime, he continued to compose, illustrate, and print weird poems full of a dark mysticism: Jerusalem: the emanation of the Giant Albion, Milton, a poem with And did Those Feet in Ancient Time (1804), Job (1826), etc. The most original was the last one: it was also the one containing the fine gravures. Blake became eastern member of the Royal Society on 14 November 1807. His death interrupted the illustration of the Divine Comedy (1825-1827) by Dante.

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