Challenging Changes in Late Adulthood Essay

What do you think is the most challenging change/s in physical, cognitive, social, or emotional development that occur in late adulthood?
Challenging changes in physical development in late adulthood concerns reduced muscle strength. This condition mitigates mobility whereby it becomes difficult for an individual to walk or carry out heavy-duty work. Furthermore, the skin continues to lose elasticity, making one’s physical appearance to be pegged with wrinkles. Moreover, hearing and vision decline are among the challenging changes in development in late adulthood (Amarya et al.). In the case of cognitive development, people in late adulthood may experience impaired intellectual functioning. For example, they may have a harder time remembering or being attentive to information. Similarly, when people reach the late adulthood stage, they become dependent on others for functions such as mobility and feeding (Wood et al. 127). This issue is challenging especially when the affected individuals seek to be independent. During this development phase, emotional changes such as the increased feeling of guilt or depression due to the inability to perform certain personal tasks may occur.

What approaches would you recommend to alleviate some of the impact of these changes?
In the case of changes in mobility, the provision of mild exercises such as short runs, walking, and jogging will help strengthen muscles. As such, these activities will lead to improved stability and may also limit the extent that the skin wrinkles (Langhammer et al. 2). Additionally, to solve the cognitive issues, the affected persons may be presented with pictorials and videos of past events to help them remember important occasions. Social support, on the other hand, can be provided by extended family members or nursing homes. Through the active involvement of other people in their lives would limit emotional challenges such as the feeling of loneliness and depression.

If you believe that the changes are inevitable, why do you hold that belief?
I believe that the changes are inevitable because they are part of the biological clock. In other words, as a person ages, the body cells also get old leading to inadequacies in physical, cognitive, social, and emotional functioning. Thus, the changes are part of the natural developmental process that cannot be stopped not unless new technologies are developed to mitigate the aging process.
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