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Nordstrom Research Paper

is a brand with a great history. It was founded at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, in Seattle, by Mr. John Nordstrom – a Scandinavian immigrant, who gave the brand a special taste of the northern romance. Initially, Nordstrom was conceived as a shoe store, however, as is usually the case, it grew into something much larger. Currently, Nordstrom is not just one big online store, but also a network of traditional outlets, of which there are no less than 231 pcs.

Look through some research papers on the topic to understand that at its core, Nordstrom is a platform for various different shops. On this major Internet site coexist seemingly incompatible things: expensive brands, one dress from a collection can cost anywhere from three to four thousand dollars, and simple qualitative things available to ordinary customers.

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If we talk about the company’s range, it is almost equally wide and for women and men, for children and adolescents. Of all its diversity, especially stands out clothes – there is a lot of it, as Nordstrom own production as other brands. Also, there is a special section where you can find exclusive designer clothes, clothing, extra large or extra small size, as well as clothing for the wedding.

The next important profile department store is women’s cosmetics. And if on some sites, cosmetics are represented only in necessary quantity, here it really is presented in a very wide range. Perhaps it is a huge range of cosmetics that made the online store extremely popular among the female part of its clients.

And that’s what really worth praise about Nordstrom, so it is its usability: here you can find anything in a couple of minutes – all items are comfortably divided into certain categories. Therefore, at the first look, it might even seem that it is much smaller than it actually is, and it all comes from the fact that the buyer does not have to rush from one end to another.

Another feature of the Nordstrom store is free shipping. Most of like sites offer free delivery only if the order exceeds a certain amount. Nordstrom has no restrictions –a standard service is carried out in 5 days, is free with any purchase.

If you do not want to wait so long, please choose other options:

  • The two-day delivery costs $ 15
  • Delivery on the next working day – $ 25
  • Delivery during the weekend or holiday – $ 35

In addition, the shop gives you the opportunity to return the ordered goods. If all of a sudden, you do not like the item, or you simply change your mind. In this case you can return the items to the store with full refund. In general, with regard to delivery, Nordstrom here really cares about its customers, preventing them from the slightest inconvenience.

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