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Why is pain a necessary part from the time we are born until the time we die?

Good morning Mrs. Povey and class to begin with, pain is defined as the suffering or hurt, felt when you are injured or sick. Physical pain is pain relating to the body distinguished by the mind or spirit. Whereas emotional pain relates to feelings such as anger, fear or sorrow.

Physical pain can be used to create order in society, for example, a child breaks a window out of stupidity, that child gets hit for it, he then knows or thinks twice before doing it again. People can learn from pain, when they know and understand what pain is and when it occurs they try to avoid those situations. It is also used as a warning sign, to prevent people from destroying or harming their bodies.

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Physical pain doesn’t have to be a bad thing and people have learnt to live with it as Michael Jukes once said “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”.

Without pain, some people may like to see what happens when you burn your hand, to see all the pretty colors, but the aftermath wont be so pretty. Or if you wanted to find out what happened when you stuck a nail through your foot…well why wouldn’t you, it doesn’t hurt, does it? But if people decide to perform these activities and go too far, which is what people tend to do, they will end up harming themselves if not killing themselves. So without pain I’d say most of you wouldn’t be looking like you are today.

The other type of pain is emotional pain, and like physical pain it works on the same principal. Emotional pain discourages people to put themselves in situations that will cause emotional pain. Have any of you ever lived by yourself? If you have you’d know that it can be quite emotionally painful in the long run, being lonely and even depressed, that is all part of the plan. If no one thought it painful to live by themselves, no one would marry and have and be involved in sexual activity to bear children. Then man was intelligent enough to invent contraceptives so that being involved in sexual activity does not necessarily involve bearing a child, so without the subconscious psychological and emotional pain to be without children and family, our species would cease to exist as God wanted us to live in society.

We do not always learn from pain, which is its downside for example, before anesthetic and painkillers people with infections in their limbs only had two choices. Cut off their limb or leave it and die. Its awfully painful to have your arm or leg cut off, so most would have left themselves to die. Therefore pain can make you make decisions which appear to be right at the time but are not necessarily in the long run. So nowadays people must use their intellect to make appropriate decisions for which will benefit them in the long run based on pain.

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