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A mental or psychological disorder is a disease characterized by significant deviation from a normal human experience or behavior as a result of the brain functions disorder.

It is usually very difficult and often unnecessary to define the boundaries of normality.

Thus, the line between the mental health and disorder is mostly blurred. Biological psychiatry considers causes of mental disorders as neurochemical. Psychology most often connects psychological disorders to intrapsychic factors, social experience and the level of severity of stress. To date, there are still several controversial aspects in the classification schemes.

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The classification of mental disorders often varies from country to country and depends on which psychological or medical school prevails there. The most common system of mental disorders classification is Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) provided by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) since 1952. Another widely recognized system is ICD-10 Chapter V: Mental and behavioral disorders, provided by the WHO since 1949.

According WHO, mental disorders are currently the fourth leading cause of disability cases. Since 1991, the number of sick days for mental disorders increased by about 33 percent. Many patients have two or more psychological disorder at a time. Almost half of those with any psychological disorder match criteria for two or more disorders, with intensity firmly related to comorbidity.

Mental disorders have been known for a long time. In the old days of the main therapy for such diseases was some kind of esoteric therapy mainly spells, charms, prayers, fasting as well as water and medicinal plants treatments, bloodletting. Modern treatment of mental illness uses sleep and electrical therapy, insulin, various pharmaceutical, mainly chemicals, drugs, vitamins. Significant role plays psychotherapy and work therapy.

The main difficulty of this study is uncertainty, vagueness, and inconsistency of the evaluation criteria of various psychiatric symptoms. Students interested in discovering disorders topics in their research papers will certainly be eager to find out the nature of this ambiguity. In their study, college students will probably notice the ethnic and cultural components of this phenomenon, which, depending on the local traditions and specific cultural features, gave it unique and sometimes bizarre shapes. Of particular interest is the evolving of the attitude humanity assumed to mental disorders. In particular, how the church saw the people with such disabilities, how the attitude to this kind of disorder changed, and what caused the changes. It is important to name the personalities who had key impact to the history of the matter and to present the different schools views on disorders. It is also worth to pay attention to the statistics of mental disorders and learn the latest treatments.

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