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Public housing is the government built housing habitation with non-profitable rent. The term “public housing” refers to various types of rental property, which owners and / or managers are organizations (state and local government authority, charitable foundations, or both) without profit purposes and are usually associated with increasing availability of housing for all segments of the population.

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Social housing programs, dates back to 1953 and was caused by the need to restore the north-western district of Shek Kip Mei after the fire, which left homeless about 53 thousand people, mostly – the squatters of immigrants from mainland China.

Although public housing is a necessary measure, which is implemented in order to improve the situation of the poor, the initiative has repeatedly been attacked by critics.

The most common accusation is that so-called “concrete suburbs” allegedly destroyed the city landscape. When only in few cases reinforced concrete was used as a construction material for the buildings. In fact, in the construction of social housing new technologies are intensively used. Some housing associations are currently trying to build on passive houses, which need no classical heating or cooling systems due to the specific architectural design. In addition, it was noted that public housing districts became a place of the concentration of clandestine migrants and low-income groups with the high level of the high social segregation and crime.

Students, in an attempt to understand the issue of public housing need to remember that there are many diametrically opposing views on that question. And indeed, why such a seemingly noble and necessary endeavor is a subject of controversy and criticism? Why some people believe public housing to be good, and others consider it a serious mistake?

In order to answer these difficult questions students will need to study thoroughly and carefully consider the views of all parties of this conflict. But in that search for truth, do not forget about the real situation and the immediate prospects of public housing. The researcher must present a report on the statistics on recent activities in this sector, talk about today’s achievements and present possible scenarios. You must also give your own opinion on this urgent issue and tell your ideas on improvements of the public housing.

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